Best laid plans…

I just re-read my last post. Nothing worked as planned…no surprise!

First, the day we planned to go to the new Asian market happened to be the day the Giro d’Italia was in Perugia. Streets closed. Public transport closed. Traffic nightmares. So we decided against that trip for now!

Lunch Saturday also called off. The restaurant is fully booked both Saturday and Sunday. All the restaurants are very busy since they’ve been allowed to reopen. The main issue is the limited number of outside tables. Now we have to regroup. It looks like we will need to plan a little farther ahead.

Due to some great tips and recommendations from one of my blog readers (thanks Matt!), our trip for our anniversary has moved from our original destination up the coast to a town called Sestri Levante. It sits between Genoa and the Cinque Terre along the coast. We have been a couple of times to the Cinque Terre but never have we explored the coast north of there. The town of Portofino is just near Sestri and I’ve always wanted to see it. We also want to visit Rapallo and S. Margherta Ligure. I am told they are nice villages. And then, possibly we will take the train into Genoa. I want to have some downtime too. So we will see.

Buona serata a tutti!

4 thoughts on “Best laid plans…

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Helen! It is just so nice to be planning a trip again! It’s been a long time and normally I’ve got two or three trips in the works. I will look forward to writing my report and taking a lot of photos!

  2. Helen Starr

    Can’t wait for your report! I was looking at renting in Rapallo, maybe longer term. I remember driving through decades ago and thinking it seemed lovely and elegant. Very curious about Sestri Levante as lower key. Portovenere is charming. Happy anniversary!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hey Candace! Thanks so much. We are pretty excited to visit all these villages…I will post a trip report, after. Our trips starts June 20…💕

  4. Candace

    We love Rapallo and have stayed there numerous times. It is a gorgeous town with lots to see and do. Portofino is close and you can take a tram up the side of the hill for stunning views. Good restaurants abound. Just wanted to share our good experiences there.🌝

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