Bits and pieces

The weather has been vile. Very cold and rainy. But some things needed doing. I took a trip, out of Comune which is not allowed except for necessity. My thinking was, I need to mail packages to the US and the only place is in Citta di Castello. There is a Mailboxes etc there. So I chanced it and breathed a sigh of relief when I crossed my Comune line on my return!

I also picked up a meal kit from Calagrana and a couple of pasties. It felt very christmassy up there. They are making Christmas baskets for gifts.

Tonight I made the meal. Very yummy Indian spiced lamb chops with a ginger infused rice and a salad of cucumber and sweet red onion. Excellent meal.

I put up our own Christmas tree today. It is pretty but I find I get sad when decorating it because all of my old ornaments are back in the US in storage. I miss them. They were collected from all over and have great meaning to me. One day I will get them over here. Here are my boys next to the tree.

Stay safe everyone. Andrà tutto bene 🌈

6 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Liz…Oh, I would so much love to see you too! 2020 can’t end soon enough for me. Anyway, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I think. Forza!

  2. liz kessell

    Ohhh…look at those boyz. They always look so darn comfortable. I am so missing not having cats in my life. Definitely missing cats and travel, but I guess that is not nearly as bad as what most people are dealing with. Food looks so yummy. Looking forward to 2021. Bring it on. We hope to see you and Luther and the boyz in 2021.

  3. Matthew Daub

    Love your cats!! We have four longhair rescues – Massimo, Isabella, Giulietta, and Enzo. I think we must be crazy. Always great to get your reports, no matter how simple.

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