I guess it is time for an announcement. We have sold our home. That’s good, I guess. But still sad for us. The good news is that we sold it to friends! Who will love it as much as we have. Call me sentimental but when I get attached to a house, and I am attached to this one, it matters to me who buys it.

We were already in negotiations with a couple who live in NY. He is a real estate lawyer. We had a zoom showing of our house by our real estate agent, so we virtually met them. Honestly, I didn’t like them…I should say him. She was silent. He was a know-it-all. But he really didn’t have a clue about how things work here. Real estate doesn’t work the same as the US. I love my house, and I love my town. Somehow, this guy just didn’t seem like the right fit to me. They were flying over this coming week to see the apartment. I am sure they would have made an offer. Then…SHAZAM 💥 …I got an email from our friends with an offer to buy. A good offer with time for us to find a place and move. 💕 And I know they will love our place as much as we have.

Now begins our search for a new home. We are starting here in Umbertide. Because we love it here, we are rooted here, we have friends here. There is a place we want to see if the Agent would EVER answer my emails. This is a huge complaint here. The agents just are not motivated or responsive. We have received no reply from the agent. Their office is nearby so we will walk in. I have also sent inquiries to an agent in Spoleto. There are two there that we’d like to see. I also have questions about a third property.

Stay tuned…I will post about the search — if we ever get to see anything 🙄

36 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Toni, It is true. A whole different mindset here. Not that go go attitude in the US. In their eyes there is no hurry! Good luck.

  2. Toni

    Oh Nancy, we too are here looking and you are right, no one cars to show you anything. Crazy!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Sharon. I know Nick. I thought he only handled his own listings. I didn’t see anything that would fit my requirements on his site. I’ll recheck though!

  4. Sharon

    Nancy and Luther, congratulations on the sale of your lovely home!
    We were hoping to see it when we arrived in August, but, not to be!
    Jerry and I watch Nick Ferrand and I’m sure he would answer your calls, he is fantastic, he always answers our emails!
    He shows property in the Umbria region.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Now Vian, hard to leave my home but crossing my fingers I’ll find another place I like !

  6. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Lynn, we are in the fourth floor and the stairs are becoming difficult for me. I’ve got bad knees. Glad you can return to Umbria soon! I’m afraid I don’t have any Rome recommendations.

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi James. Thanks! If you know a good realtor in Foligno let me know. Maybe ask your coworkers? We are considering Foligno.

  8. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Beth. We are on the fourth floor. No elevator. I’ve got bad knees.

  9. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Leslee,
    We won’t deal with an attorney. We will use a notaio and a Geometra like we did last time. Attorneys are not generally necessary

  10. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Mary. We want ground floor or with a lift. We want low maintenance so are tending towards apartments. And in a town of course. I like that convenience. I think a stand alone home in a town would be safe for you. But more work. I wouldn’t move into the country. Even around here there are robberies of empty homes all the time. Good luck in your search!

  11. Vian Andrews

    Good news, Nancy. Congratulations to you and Luther, and good luck to you both as you go in search of the next wonderful place to make into a home.

  12. Lynn Brown

    I forget why you need to move? I hope you find the place you are meant to be in.We loved Umbria.We are excited to return to Italy in September after 3 years! Could you recommend a good restaurant or two in Rome?

  13. James Lupori

    Complementi Nancy and Luther!!!! We hope your search for a new home goes smoothly (as smoothly as things can go in Italy). Can’t wait to see where you arrive on this adventure.

  14. Beth G

    It looked like the most lovely apt- if you are staying in the area, I can’t help wondering why you are moving!?!

  15. Leslee

    Go with your gut feelings. Dealing with an attorney can be a nightmare. Congratulations.

  16. Casey

    Your posts are rewarding and informative, thank you and good luck on your home search.

  17. Mary

    Dear Nancy, I have been following your posts with great interest. I too lived in Italy for many years and in retirement (and the US in the mess it is in) I am seriously considering a return so your descriptions of bureaucratic dealings has been most interesting to me. Are you looking for ground level home? A big consideration is apartment vs independent home. Any thoughts? I am looking at Ligurian coast near Carrara. I am leaning towards an independent home but think about security…. Any thoughts?

  18. Louann Chapman

    Congrats on the sale and to the right people! Our agent was efficient, quick in responding to our every need so we were very lucky! His name is Davide Mengoli who speaks English and grew up in Salento. He has his own business but unfortunately it only covers Puglia and Salento area. But he knows a lot of good, honest people (lawyers, Geometers and builders). I wonder if you could get a name of a good realtor from him? His business is SalentoWithLove. Don’t fool around with the lazy ones but find someone who wants to work for you!! Good luck. We are very happy and settled in our home in Ugento now and will spend 6 months a year there and 6 months in the States.

  19. Carlo

    That is truly good news! Thank you and congratulations to you and Luther! Good luck in home shopping!

  20. S. Warrender

    Congrats. It’s a beautiful home. How lovely to pass it on to folks you know and love. (That’s how I found you, by the way, searching for a place to buy in the Perugia area.)

  21. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Melissa! It will be hard to leave this place. I hope I can find something close to as nice. But it will be a hard act to follow!

  22. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Nancy. I think we will be hard pressed to find anything to rival this house. But I do hope to find something I can make my own again. Sadly, views don’t look to be something I’ll be able to find. But we shall see!
    PS, our Podcast went live yesterday, in case you want to listen 🙂

  23. Melissa Robertson

    Congratulations Nancy! Having stayed there, I am sentimental about your house too, so am glad to hear it is going to someone who will love it as much as you and all your guests have! Best of luck with the search!

  24. Nancy

    I am happy (bittersweet) for you! I’m going to sorely miss the view of your piazza and the river, though, so choose wisely for those of us living vicariously through you 😜. You and Luther will create a beautiful nest again, and Spoleto wouldn’t be quite so bad, eh?! Enjoy the journey!

  25. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Shirl, I sure get the NO MLS. Pain in the ass. Good luck on your sale!

  26. Shirley

    How exciting for you. We had to remove our condo in Panama from the market while we make some repairs and hope to have it back on the market in a few weeks again. In Panama there is no such thing as MLS so dealing with that and dealing with the country rules and regulations makes it a challenge. We hope to be in Italy in October and then again in May of next year.

  27. Matthew Daub

    Hi Nancy – I am so happy, and also sad for you. Your apartment was one of the most beautiful and tasteful on the market, obviously the result of so much care and creativity. But you will do the same with your new home, wherever that is. Best of luck with your search.

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