Cagli – Le Marche

In case you thought we never did anything…today we did a little day trip to explore a town we drove past last month. Cagli, in the Marche region, our next door neighbor. We are actually very close to both Le Marche and Tuscany here in the Upper Tiber Valley. We went the scenic route. It was a beautiful day. Perfect for the top down. Here are a few pictures I snapped along the way. I was very surprised to see a lot of the trees were changing their colors already. And even more surprised to see mostly orange. It is not a common color here. More yellows. Very few reds.

Heading into the big Apennine mountains – they form the spine of Italy. From north to far south.
Pretty sky
Many rocky cliffs
Trees turning
The long and winding road.

But then…a thunderstorm! Funny. I’m no meteorologist but I’m interested in things like how the big Apennine mountains affect the weather patterns. On the west side of them all was clear and no rain in sight. But once into the mountains I suppose the weather gets disrupted by the mountain ranges? I dunno. And I’m even more interested in the weather on the eastern slopes and the Adriatic. Anyway, we had a bit of a downpour just when we arrived into Cagli. We had to take cover in a coffee shop.

We had reservations in La Gioconda Ristorante. When the rain let up we found it and decided to eat inside since it was still sprinkling and cool. They did not ask for our Green Cards. The place was nice. The food good enough but not special. The service perfect. And they had a few nice touches like gifts from the chef, house made bread, and separate truffle and porcini menus. I went with the porcini, one of my favs.

My antipasto. Porchini arrosto (roasted) on a bed of potatoes with panko. Yum.

After lunch, we walked around the Centro Storico.

Porta Massara
The Comune
Fountain with four faces and sweet, potable spring water.
The main piazza, Piazza Matteotti, what else?
Torrione Martiniano
Pretty streets.

There is always something to love in an Italian town. No matter how far off of the beaten track. We had a lot of fun, and a lovely day.

8 thoughts on “Cagli – Le Marche

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    It was very new then. Nowadays all the restaurants we go to ask for the green pass. I’m glad they do.

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Marjorie, the Torre was used exclusively for defense of the city and castle above it. It was designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini in the 1400s. He was a sculptor and architect. This area was constantly at war so fortifications were super important, and they are everywhere. This tower originally had a moat and a drawbridge and had a secret tunnel to the castle above. There is no mention about why it was designed as an ovoid rather than the more normal round shape.

  3. Marjorie Jean Arvedon

    Buonna serra. I’m curious about the tower. What was it used for? Also why is it shaped that way?
    Marjorie Arvedon

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Bill. It was just right to go from here. We left late morning and it was about an hour drive. Easy, free parking. Always a plus. And the Centro was quite extensive and nice. We couldn’t walk around when we got there due to the rain, and when we did walk, after lunch, it was still the pausa, the 3-4 hours when everything is closed for lunch so no shops open, nor people about. Still pretty.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Matt, it was nice but not exceptional. And it was in the middle of the mountains. Definitely hard to get to and from. Not near a rail line etc. so I wouldn’t think a good choice to live in for people who are non native. I’m sure the residents love it.

  6. Bill Maykowski

    Nancy – it looks like a wonderful day trip for anyone to take. Historical and picturesque like many Italian towns. Thanksfor sharing.

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