Catching up…

It’s been a while…so to do some recap. We have been working on the Certificato d’abilita’ and I will report back once we have gotten it. I visited the Saturday mercado which was pretty sparse. The vendors who came had very limited produce because we are at the changing seasons. One vendor, who wasn’t there yesterday, had sweet radishes last week (I know, an oxymoron but it this case true ) and also local asparagus, so I was hoping for that. I was sorry he wasn’t there.. I settled for local potatoes, onions, lettuce and spring onions.

After my shopping we had a meet up with friends who live in Foligno. We hadn’t seen each other since pre-Covid…about four years. We met up at Ristorante UNE for lunch. I posted about this restaurant recently. It did not disappoint. Here are pictures of our lunch.

Gifts from the chef
Pancake stuffed with cheese and topped with grape jelly
Trumpet mushroom with white truffles and sour cream
Local artisanal beans with smoked eel from Trasimeno lake – amazing
Lamb with cauliflower two ways
Dessert – pain perdu with gelato.

Today I made a soup. It is cold and very windy outside. It feels like soup weather. Soon, it won’t be soup weather anymore. The soup is made from a legume native to central Italy, so it is not something a person can make elsewhere. The legume is Cicercchie. I posted about it previously. It must be soaked and rinsed for 24 hours because it has neurotoxins. They are not dangerous if not eaten everyday. If you visit Italy keep an eye out for some.They are delicious. Here is the previous post.

My soup today is super easy. Cook a chopped onion until soft. Add water or stock and soaked and drained (several times) Cicercchie legumes plus 3 peeled and cut into chunks potatoes, salt and a sprig of rosemary. Cook 1+ hours until the soup is thickened. Adjust salt, add plenty of ground pepper. Serve with parsley, good olive oil and cheese if desired. So good, and healthy too.

Buona domenica a tutti!

4 thoughts on “Catching up…

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Yes, I know what you mean about the presentations of the food. Art!

    I will, of course post all our experiences to get the long term Permesso. They definitely don’t make it easy. I think, if we get the two things they asked for we have a pretty good shot at it. I REALLY WANT this! If/when we get it there WILL be celebrations! 🍾🥂

  2. Lee Ryan Coston

    The wonderful thing about eating in Italy is not only is the food fresh and delicious, they are thee masters at presentation! You feel like you’re getting a piece of art – almost a shame to mess it up by digging in – LOL!
    I’ll be VERY interested in how things turn out in your efforts to be permanent residents in Italy. This is my dream, but I’m quickly realizing that it isn’t going to be easy…in fact, it appears really hard…almost as if they’d rather not have the Italian culture diluted with other cultures. And I FULLY understand!!

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