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I realize I made a big error not to include contact info for Laura and her CermicArte shop. I had a couple people interested in ordering from her. This is her card. You can email her and she will work with you to make exactly what you desire! I’m happy to hear she may get a little business from the blog post. 🥰

4 thoughts on “CeramicArte contact info

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Debbie, Where is your new house? How exciting for you. When you come, get in touch and we can get together for a vino or caffe. I’m sure you’ll love Laura’s shop. She did say some people had already figured out how to reach her. Even though I left out important info on that blog. Hope she gets some business from people who saw it.

  2. Debbie Dexter

    Thank you Nancy. I actually Googled her shop after seeing your blog, as I would love to visit her shop when I am in Italy next spring setting up my new house.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Debra, isn’t she the nicest? I am so happy a few people are interested in her ceramics. I will continue to buy from her. I loved her Christmas things too.

  4. Debra L. Camastro

    I’m glad you did the story on Laura at CeramicArte. She is so nice and so so talented. We have purchased many things from her. I was happy to see your photos of her Christmas items and already wrote to her in hopes of getting some gifts. Thanks for the great ideas. Debbie

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