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I am sure some of you wine lovers will recognize the name Heitz. Back in the US we drank good California wine and Heitz was a well known producer. I read an article recently, published by Wine Spectator about the couple who had sold up in California and relocated here to Umbria…to make wine, of course! They purchased their property of about 50 acres… but only just over two of them were planted in vines.

Today Rollie and Sally Heitz were kind enough to allow us to visit them and try their first vintage. We tried four. Starting with a lovely Rose. I am a big Rose fan, especially in the summer. And it was the perfect summer wine! Crisp and dry.

Then we tried a Sangiovese, a Cabernet, and a Merlot. Sally provided a plate of tasty things to eat during the tasting. We very much enjoyed the wines. My favorites were the Rose and the Sangiovese, which was soft and round and lovely. They told Luther their production for the 2019 vintage (their first) was 12,000 bottles. Pretty good for just one hectare.

Our conversation was far ranging but centered around our mutual love of Umbria and our separate relocations from the US. And wine of course! I hope they come up to visit us in the far north when they can get away. Right now, understandably they are busy getting their new business on its way. We stopped to admire their view of Todi.

Todi is dead center in the distance on its hilltop.

It was really broiling out. We tried to put the top down but it was just too hot. On the scenic route back home I snapped a couple photos. Near Bevagna and Montefalco.

Despite the intense heat the fishing contest on the Tiber in Umbertide went on as scheduled. These people were out in this heat for hours! At least they had their umbrellas.

Buona domenica! Stay cool!

12 thoughts on “Concinnate winery

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi John! It only takes an hour to get to Todi. So it wasn’t all that bad. We get down there every so often. We don’t normally eat down there but I will save your recommendation. You never know. We used to have a Stammtisch when we lived in Germany back in the day. 🙂

  2. John PALMROTH

    Hi Nancy,

    I saw the same Wine Spectator article and almost sent it to you but then thought you would not go that far (two hours?) just for a wine tasting? It’s less 10 k from our old house in San Terenziano, and next door to the new Peppucci Winery (and also worth a visit). If you ever are in the area again, plan on having a meal at ‘Le Noci’ in nearby Grutti and where we had our ‘stamm tisch.’ It is widely lauded by locals. And, if you meet the owner’ ‘Daniela,’ please pass along my saluti–from ‘Big John of San Terenziano’!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Matt, you made me think about it. The pronunciation must be con-chin-not-tay. So you are correct! I must ask them about how they came by the name.

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    That pronunciation cannot be right in Italian. It would be con-chin-not-tay

  5. Carlo

    Interesting name, too:
    “concinnate [kon-suh-neyt]
    verb (used with object), con·cin·nat·ed, con·cin·nat·ing.
    to arrange or blend together skillfully, as parts or elements; put together in a harmonious, precisely appropriate, or elegant manner.”

  6. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Phil, They said there was a bit of hail damage from the storms a week or two ago. And they are having to do some irrigation, but otherwise they said things look pretty good.

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Matt, I just don’t know. But I doubt they’d have the contests if the fish didn’t bite!

  8. Phil

    Hello Nancy,
    12000 bottles is very impressive for their first year in a new territory.They certainly know what they are doing. What did they say about the 2022 grape harvest?

  9. Matthew Daub

    Hi Nancy. I usually prefer a good bourbon or cocktail, but your visit with the Heitz’s sounds fascinating! Big question – Do the fish bite in all this heat, or do the fisheman just sit there with their poles in the water?

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