Corona virus 10

Hard to believe I’ve been posting about this for ten days! The infected count as of last night was 76. It continues to rise. We are all waiting to see it begin to curve back down. Here is the chart I got yesterday so you can see the numbers for all over Italy.

A few thoughts, yesterday, and today, I noticed the amazing silence. I can hear the birds chirping. When I walked to the grocer yesterday, I actually noticed I could hear my own footfalls. They echoed off the walls of the piazza. I was the sole person out. And from our terrace, all I can hear are the birds. I miss the arguing old men downstairs in the Piazza playing Briscola. I even miss the music, bands and discos at the two nearby Bars. I cannot know how hard this must be for the teenagers and their parents cooped up in their houses!
Italy has been keeping up our spirits by having “balcony flash mobs”. It has been fun watching. And a little sniffle producing. Everyone is hanging together in this crisis. 🙂 Forza Italia!


And for my friends and loved ones in the US. Please stay safe. I am keeping up with the most recent news and it does not sound good. Take measures now…
Ciao…and remember…wash your hands!

2 thoughts on “Corona virus 10

  1. Dale Pruden

    Nancy. We really appreciate these on the ground updates. We had to cancel our spring trip to Italy due to this out break. We hope you and Luther stay healthy and hope we can make our fall trip. Thanks again for your insight to all things Umbertidian. Dale and Gerda Pruden

  2. Marjorie Arvedon

    Hello, Nancy, My thoughts are with you and the Italian people, I enjoy reading your blog. I’m also keeping up-to – date with my friend who lives in Napoli. As you probably know, the pandemic has now been declared a national emergency in the U.S…And here in Massachusetts, our governor has declared a state of emergency – things are getting quiet pretty quickly. Take care of yourself. Forza Italia

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