Corona virus 11

107 total cases in Umbria. You can see it jumps exponentially.

I noticed yesterday that my YouTube video was not in the email link to my post. I guess embedded links don’t work in emails.
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The flash mobs are very uplifting for us here.

So they think this will peak in Italy at 92,000 cases next week and then decline.

An interesting fact —- 35 people under 60 died in northern Italy yesterday. The median age of hospitalization this week is 40-49 years. So it is not only the old who are dying.

I had a lovely Skype chat with my niece (thanks Rachel!). She’s a nurse at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. I got some insight into how they are preparing. They have two large areas dedicated to Corona. And I found it interesting that they have their own test for it and it takes 24 hours to get the result. All done in-house. They can test any amount of people as necessary. I wish this could be done more. Anyway, I can’t help but be concerned for her but she will be careful, I’m sure. The nurses and doctors on the front lines are amazing! Stai sicuro Rachel!💕

The Italian Air Force and Pavarotti put on quite the show yesterday. The little plane is the virus. And it is vanquished by the flying “V” – which then release their green, white and red smoke. It was uplifting, and tear inducing…

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And last…I got to walk outside for a few minutes!! It is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, there’s a brisk cold breeze. We threw away some trash in the piazzetta near us. Everyone in their apartments has their windows open. And I could hear the children screaming. Please shoot me! I’ve got it good. I don’t know how the moms cope. I told Luther, in the two weeks we have left, how many murders will occur?

We walked out and across the bridge over the river. We were making a buy…😀 Perfectly legal! Calagrana has gotten creative and is making meals-to-go. We bought two, fully prepared and scrumptious, dinners! One a curry dinner, the other salmon with chili beans and roast potatoes. A break from cooking. And who knew we’d be resorting to Meals on Wheels!

Here’s a shot of the Tiber. Beautiful color today, and very clear.

Stai attento, listen to the authorities, stay far from crowds and, of course, wash your hands…💕

6 thoughts on “Corona virus 11

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Nancy. For the life of me I cannot remember…or find…the article I read that in. If I find it I’ll send it along. The young should care because, even if they don’t die, they can give it to a loved one…who may. Take care Nancy.

  2. Nancy

    Nancy, thank you for stretching your legs and showing the beauty of the river! PLEASE could I have a copy of the article relating 35 deaths under 60 in northern Italy yesterday?? I am desperately trying to get people to understand why US needs to shut their stores (non essentials) and distance. This might make the younger (very selfish) generation to listen. I may survive the virus but not sure I will survive these long days with a four year old 😳

  3. Wendy

    Hi Nancy, I heard this morning from our vet that we have our first positive in umbertide. I haven’t been able to find anything official, but I assume it’s true. I’m very close to you, so if you need anything, feel free to let me know. Andrà tutto bene! Forza Italia! Un abbraccio

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Just heard the first case has been diagnosed in Umbertide. Thanks for commenting. It is going to get more and more lonely in isolation. Hope you’re doing ok. I’ll email you.

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