Corona virus 3

We had to visit the big Perugia hospital today. Luther needed some stitches removed. While we were waiting the entire hospital went on lock down. We were in a waiting room but all the internal doors were auto-locked. Turns out there was a hospital wide meeting to explain all the new corona virus protocols to the staff. After 3 hours Luther got his stitches out. I admit, as the waiting room got more and more crowded I got more and more uncomfortable. So I left Luther to wait and I went to the car. I was so glad to get outside in the cold crisp air. I breathed deep. I’m sure it was all in my mind but I couldn’t wait to get out of there!

New notices.
Things change quickly. Today they closed all schools in all of Italy until March 15 at the earliest. All soccer games and sports matches, concerts, conventions, gatherings of any sort are cancelled until further notice.

Other news
On the radio we heard them suggest all elderly people (in the north this means over 65) remain in their homes. Also in the north (in the areas with large outbreaks) they are mandating one meter distance between customers in bars and stores. Also they have a four person limit in stores. So people line up outside keeping one or two meters between each other. And worst of all…no double kissing, hugging, or handshaking. This is darn near impossible for Italians! Un disastro.

Still, life goes on here in Umbria. Now, no gatherings, no school, but here it’s business as usual in Bar Mary downstairs. 🙂

Stay safe.

4 thoughts on “Corona virus 3

  1. Barbara

    We are planning to spend the 5 days of Easter in Assisi. I wonder if the processions will be cancelled. I guess anything is possible at this point.

  2. Melissa Robertson

    Wow Nancy, you are on the front lines! Don’t worry, there is enough alcohol in Bar Mary to keep Corona at bay. Hang in there. Melissa

  3. Leah

    This whole situation is just heartbreaking. Hopefully with all the cautious steps Italy is taking the danger will pass quickly. Stay healthy!

  4. Kevin De Angelis

    My elderly cousins in Rome have holed up in their homes, and told me today that if we come in April as planned they won’t see us. So we canceled our trip. We were leaning toward canceling anyway so it wasn’t a surprise. Still, it sucks mightily. We will probably go next year but haven’t thought that far ahead yet. 🙁 I hope that they’ll ride this thing out-some of them are in their 90s.

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