Day 47 – Covid-19

178,972 positives in Italy. Up 1.7% – 23,660 total deaths since beginning of the outbreak.
1,348 positives in Umbria. One more death puts the total at 58.

746,379 cases in the US – 41,379 deaths. Wow. So many. 😢

I find I cry easily nowadays. I cry at happy things. I cry at sad things. I cry at a beautiful piece of music. I can cry at anything, really, it can be something as stupid as seeing farmers planting their crops…hoping for a better day. Boo hoo…I’m so happy for them! And I cried while watching…

…the evening news here…and there was a very uplifting piece. They announced the closure of a number of intensive care wards in the hardest hit areas of Lombardia. They walked through rooms filled with empty beds and unused equipment. To see the joy of the nurses and doctors was incredibly moving. After all this time, finally the cases have slowed enough that they don’t need all the extra overflow wards for Covid. It makes it all worthwhile to see their joyous faces. These are the warriors. On the front line. Heros, all. And for my friends in the US I tell you, it is worth the sacrifices we’ve made, to be able see this.

Meanwhile, in the United States… I am so ashamed.

This made me cry too. For an altogether different reason 😡

Sometimes I have to call it as I see it and the differences between my two countries are stark.
It is Monday morning. It is gray and rainy. But it just makes Italy’s Green Heart all the more green! If that’s possible. My gardening friends tell me we need the rain. And so do the farmers. So I am happy and will enjoy the rain. And my new terrace plants look happy too.

Happy cat in the garden!

Stay home and stay safe everyone…  🌈 Andrà tutto bene…

4 thoughts on “Day 47 – Covid-19

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Rosemarie, Yes, I think our emotions are close to the surface right now. So they burst out at any provocation. I hope you are doing OK. I see there are a lot of cases in the DC area. stay inside and take no chances! 💕 N xxx

  2. Rosemarie Lentini

    Nancy. Funny you should mention the tears. I just mentioned that same thing. Sad things and good things and such simple, what would be normal, things. 😢

  3. Leslee Rohr Hinton

    Nancy, you are crying because you are a caring person. You understand how many people are suffering and dying. You care about those who have no income or have lost their businesses. I don’t hear you complaining that you can’t do what you want. You know this problem is not all about you. Stay well.

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