Day 58 – Covid-19

205,463 positives in Italy. Up 0.9%- 27,967 total deaths since beginning of the outbreak.

There are 1,392 positive cases in Umbria. 67 total deaths. Better today. Only up one case and one death.

1,056,402 cases in the US – 61,867 deaths.
It is a really pretty day with brisk breezes and alternately angry skies with blue ones. And the sunlight dapples in patches which makes the brightly lit greens pop from the shadowy dusky greens. I took a picture and you can see what I mean. It is out of our big picture window in the living room. We have such a bucolic view out the back. Very pastoral. It is one of the things I love about how this apartment is situated. City and country views. Busy (normally) or tranquil. These farm fields are where Luther jogs, and I used to walk. After Monday, we will be free to do that again. Luther has gotten a bit observant of the seasons, while passing the busy farmers at their duties, as he jogs. 🙂

The low hill in the middle ground of the picture has a castle on top. Just behind that hill, and in front of the higher hills, is the mouth of the Niccone valley which is one of the prettiest around. The Tiber River is curving along that far line of trees just in front of the small hill/mountain.

Our small auxiliary cat, Simba decided he would show off his only asset. His cute factor. Here he is on his heated pillow. He is one happy cat in this lockdown. His staff is home 24/7. He has no problems at all!

Stay safe everyone! 🌈

One thought on “Day 58 – Covid-19

  1. liz kessell

    Oh…look at that sweetie Simba. Gosh, he is so cute. Mark and I were just saying how all our kitties in Umbertide, Florence and New York, are going to go through serious human withdrawal when all this is over. Here in Ontario, we are hoping things will start opening up soon. I am not complaining, …but I am actually. Stay well and hug the boyz.

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