First Pranzo!

We decided to go out for our first lunch since March! March 11 to be exact.

Yesterday was cool but bright sunshine. We had reservations for two tables of two as they won’t combine tables. But when we arrived there were two tables together but the seating was at either end with the other seat at the corner putting maximum distance between the couples.

We decided to have his stuzzicheria. A platter, a beautiful array of meats and cheeses. This is Patrick’s claim to fame, aside from his wines. He puts a lot of thought into the cheeses, how they go together in a tasting plate. The hams were beautiful. Prosciutto crudo, a cooked pork sliced paper thin, a bresaola, a pancetta. It had been so long since we’ve had this we fell on it like ravenous animals!

My plate … mmmm

2 thoughts on “First Pranzo!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    It is Enoteca Wine Club. We all call it Patrick’s Enotecca. The website is
    It has a very small menu. The stuzzicheria is their claim to fame. And they have 3 other things to choose from for a next course. Changes daily. Of course Patrick is a wine connoisseur so excellent wines.

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