Covid 19 – Phase 2.1 – Day 9

230,158 positives in Italy. Up JUST 0.1% – 32,877 total deaths since beginning of the outbreak.

There are 1,430 positive cases in Umbria. 75 total deaths. Same as yesterday.

1,654,683 cases in the US – 97,974 deaths.
martedì –  Today I am announcing that I will stop my daily posts. It was quite the marathon! I posted everyday for 83 days. I want to say, it was a huge benefit for me to write this account. It kept me busy, and grounded, and mostly upbeat. It made me very aware of what was happening around me and in our world. I have a foot in two countries and I care deeply about what is happening in both. To be able to keep a journal of sorts was a privilege, especially during the worst of the crisis here in Italy, an early epicenter. I wanted to give my friends in other countries, who were behind Italy in the curve of the disease, an insight into life under complete and very strict lockdown. It was an unprecedented event — 60 million people, locked down tight, but then, a global pandemic is an event that, thankfully doesn’t happen often.

I am extremely proud of what we, in Italy, have achieved. By hanging together we have flattened the curve and have controlled this virus as best as it can be controlled. We have had two stages of loosening and life is returning to, not normal, but a new normal. I feel this journal has run its course and done what I had hoped it would do. I appreciate all the comments and kind words from those who followed along on my journey.  It was super gratifying to me to know that you found it useful.

Stay tuned for future posts…just not every day! We all have to live with this pandemic for a long time. I hope things continue to improve for Italy, or at least stay steady. For the US, I am still very worried. I don’t feel the virus is under control whatsoever.  I urge everyone to use your judgement when going about your lives. You know what that means. 🌈
Someone asked me what is Feriano after I posted the photos yesterday. I should have explained that. It is the name of a property owned by friends of ours. It is high on a mountain with magnificent views. It has an ancient chapel as part of the house. The Church / house is named for the locality/crossroad, Feriano. Originally, the Church was called Chiesa di San Lorenzo di Feriano. Here are two more pictures.

14 thoughts on “Covid 19 – Phase 2.1 – Day 9

  1. Elizabeth Wholey

    Hi again Nancy. I depart San Francisco next week, then will be in quarantine for two weeks after I arrive in Umbria. Looking forward to seeing you after mid-June! Till then. . . Bar Mary?

  2. liz kessell

    Thank you for the blogs. We really enjoyed waking up each morning and reading your blog over a cup of coffee. Loved the pictures. It was this time last year that Mark and I were there taking care of your adorable and much missed boyz. Your picture of the poppies brought back memories of the beautiful countryside. Enjoy your summer and let us all hope that this virus decides to take a long hike to never never land. Be well and hope to see you again. Liz and Mark.

  3. Leslee

    A heartfelt thank you for your blog. It was the first thing I read everyday. I wish both you and Luther a healthy and smooth journey in the upcoming days and weeks. Ciao.

  4. Antonia Allegra

    Grazie tanto, cats Nancy…Your daily observations have offered wonderful glimpses of your life in Umbria. Antonia Allegra

  5. Sue

    Thank you so much for all the work and effort you have put into your daily posts ! I have read each and every one and today, seeing the rise of just 0.1%, was indeed a moment to smile. Looking forward to your “normal” posts !

  6. CJPardun

    Thank you so much for your daily posts. I care deeply about Italy and your blog helped me to stay current in what is happening in Italy. Carol

  7. Carlo Rodriguez

    P.S., thanks for the explanation of Feriano and those stunning photos. It’s a beautiful spot, beautiful.

  8. Carlo Rodriguez

    Nancy, I will miss your daily posts but I certainly understand. Thank you for your observations and commentary on Italy, Umbria, Umbertide, and your experiences during these early stages of the pandemic. I’ll look forward to your future, if less frequent, posts on the new normal in Italy. Thank you.

  9. camella5

    Ciao Nancy. I just want to tell you that I enjoyed your daily posts during this pandemic. With a new apartamento near Umbertide (Molino Vitelli), we are so anxious to get there. Your posts were so helpful in keeping me updated on how things were going right there in Umbertide. The photos and food pictures were wonderful. The photos of the piazza were especially comforting as we have become so familiar with it. We will get there as soon as we can safely do so; and maybe, some day, we can meet. That would be lovely. Grazie mille! Debbie Camastro

  10. Joanne Qualey

    Oh Nancy, sorry to see you go! I have loved reading your daily blog and count on your Italy case numbers and wonderful pictures. I’ll look forward to your posts whenever you write!!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts over these past few months.

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