Remember last market day? Last Wednesday? When I got shut out? Well, today was a new day! Asparagus was available in abundance. And I got some! I also got new garlic(!) and the first local strawberries.

I am looking forward to using these.
Very mild, but unmistakably garlic.
They could be sweeter…but it’s early in the season yet.

Mmmmm looking forward to using all these! 🌈

2 thoughts on “Hah!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I put some of the garlic in a yummy tomato sauce with guanciale which I put on gnocchi. Mmmm. The simplest things are the best.

  2. Matthew Daub

    That fresh garlic looks amazing!! I have to thank you again for turning me on to the colatura. It makes the most amazing light seafood pasta sauces, done in minutes. I never heard of it until NGTI, and now I use it all the time. Luckily, I can get as much as I need at our (almost) local Italian market. Been enjoying ramp season here on our property as well. I wish the season were longer….

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