House hunting part 3

Off we went to meet our agent Martine who helped facilitate the showings today. The other agent involved was Simona. Foligno is a sweet city. Super lively. Tons of restaurants and bars. Picture of just one small street across from where we parked.

We were seeing three properties today. The first one a magnificent Palazzo. The top two floors plus roof terrace. It was incredible but sadly, not for us. I really enjoyed seeing it though. The owners renovated it keeping many old things but it is in a modern style. I had seen the floor plan before we went and it was …odd. Here are pictures.

Ground floor entrance.
Apartment door
Dining area
Living room

But just LOOK at these views!

Floor plan. Note the odd curvy bit. It is the hallway which goes between the baths and the bedrooms.

This is the curvy bit. It felt a bit like winding along path through the forest.
Amazing shower.

I neglected to take pictures of the industrial kitchen. Truly a restaurant kitchen. Suitable for catering. Also I did not take pictures of the stairs. There was a lift to the bottom of three floors. If I wanted to stay all the time on that floor it wouldn’t be bad. But the top two floors were pretty amazing with terraces and views. The stairs were stone and twisting. For the long view, this one wouldn’t work. It was right in the middle of the action in town. It had two secure parking places.

Onward to the second apartment. It is owned by a famous football player…thats soccer to Americans. It was on a super busy highway with a LOT of road noise. That pretty much nixed it for me. It did have a nice open plan kitchen — really unusual for Italians (see below)….which was not included in the house. Italians take their kitchens with them. If you are buying a house in Europe always be sure to specify what stays in the house. It is common in all of Europe for people to take kitchens (to include sink, appliances, cabinets and counter), and light fixtures and any appliances. This apartment was just outside the Centro and walking distance to the train station. Also just across from the Army base.

Open plan kitchen which doesn’t convey. Murano chandelier…not my style! It doesn’t convey either.
Another chandelier. Murano glass.
And another!

Moving on to number three. It was further away from the Centro. In a residential neighborhood. It was quiet with lovely views. There were three terraces. There was nothing commercial nearby. Our agent said there was a bakery not far. The building with twelve apartments was nicely kept. The finishes were good. The apartment was spacious. The kitchen, in typical unfathomable Italian fashion was minuscule and closed off from the house. For people who love to eat they are incredibly weird about their kitchens. It is not the heart of the house as we, Americans like. They are tiny and hidden and there is always a door so you can enclose the cooking smells, which are somehow offensive. They also ALWAYS have a zone di notte…night zone…they are incredibly anal about the sleeping quarters being closed, literally by a door, from the living area. Ostensibly to keep those offensive smells out of the bedrooms. It is Italy. It is what they do. 🤷‍♀️ 🙄

Living room. Dining room.
Dining room

Finito for today. I have to admit I am discouraged. Both Luther and I are wanting to stay in Umbertide. But there is just very little here that works for us. We plan to visit a realtor tomorrow or Wednesday to see about the new apartments near us. We aren’t sure if they are all sold. There is also a big house Luther likes. It seems a little TOO big for me with a yard and grass…I am not into yard work. Gardening, yes, mowing lawns, weeding and edging — no. Anyway. The beat goes on…

14 thoughts on “House hunting part 3

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Urchin22,
    Yes we did sell our house. It is why we are trying hard to find a new place. Very difficult with my needs/wishes. We hope this will be our last house so it must be near perfect!

  2. urchin22

    This is great, Nancy. Thanks for the details. I hope you guys find something special. Did you sell the place you’re currently in? I’m still dreaming of Italy…

  3. royane mosley

    off to bed early, Ric will be gone a week to DC. Enjoyed this blog with the photos and discriptions. I aree, all of them quite interesting, but doubt I would want to live in any of them.

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Carlo. Thanks. We don’t have unlimited time so we do needed to make a decision in the month or so. Puts a lot of pressure on us.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Nina, I just shake my head. I actually love to smell the cooking smells! Different strokes I guess!

  6. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Liz, the interior stairs are very steep and twisty and there are one or two stairs here and ther scattered throughout the main floor of the house. No railings. Just wouldn’t work.

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Matt. My thoughts exactly. I need to find something I am going to like, if not love.

  8. Carlo

    Hang in there, Nancy. As we can attest from our own recent experience in a stupidly hot market, house hunting is never easy, no matter where you are. But something you’ll like will come up. Best of luck!

  9. nina9153

    Yeah, the kitchen thing is odd for a people so into food! My paternal aunts, both born here, kept separate kitchens in their basements for the “nasty” stuff. Apparently, anything but a salad!

  10. liz kessell

    Why did you eliminate the first one. It seems perfect and you like that town? What was it that made you say no? That looks like such an interesting town.

  11. Matthew Daub

    Hi Nancy – Too bad about the curvy bits and extra stairs, because that first one was really nice. You’ll likely be spending the rest of your lives in this next place, so I hope you won’t have to settle.
    Always wishing you and Luther good luck!

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