Sunday dinner – mmmm

The weekend was REALLY hot. We made it through it. Sunday dinner was a salad medley. I bought borlotti beans yesterday at the market and cooked them this morning while it was still cool. I also cook hard boiled eggs in the morning. Always good for protein. I bought a sweet cantaloupe which are just coming into season. Luther had gotten prosciutto crudo to put with it. I got some mozzarella, and of COURSE tons of tomatoes. That was our dinner. All cool and delicious. Perfect on a hot summer night!

Tomorrow house hunting resumes…

14 thoughts on “Sunday dinner – mmmm

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Oh! Have fun shopping Noel! I always used to go to the Italian Store in Arlington. I forget the name of the neighborhood. Something Hills. Right by the spout run spur onto the GW parkway Great selection.

  2. Noel (also inDC)

    OK, here in DC, it’s pretty hot too, albeit not as bad as where you are. That dinner fits our weather perfectly. Off to our local Italian Store!

  3. Carlo

    Wow, looks wonderful! White wine with that?

    Our weather here in Colorado, USA has also been hot but afternoon rains have been taking the edge off.

    Buona sera!

  4. Christy White

    Hi Nancy! Did you guys sell your current place yet? I’ll catch up on your recent posts. Stay cool (as cool as possible).

  5. Paul C. In DC

    Dinner looks great love no cook or minimal cooking in the summer heat…happy house hunting

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