Information of little import…

I say “information of little import..” but actually, if anyone comes to Italy to live, or even to rent an apartment and stay awhile, it could be useful. Just another quirk of Italian packaging.

As in most places, you can buy already made hamburger patties in the store here. I don’t usually because I prefer to make my own. But our favorite butcher, Etrusco, has the best beef and the burgers are juicy not dry, so I do buy some when I’m there. Luther is a real burger hound! They come individually wrapped in a packaged like this…

Looks good right? (Sorry to my vegetarian friends!) comes out of the package ready to slap on the grill. Not so fast. When we first moved here I learned this lesson. Watch and learn.

As you can see, there’s an invisible plastic sheet. Now, I can understand when you buy four patties in a stack you don’t want them to stick together so you’d do this. But this one is in an INDIVIDUAL plastic pack. There is NO NEED for plastic, and on BOTH sides! I learned my lesson by melting the plastic into the patty the first time. Live and learn! 😅😅
Enjoy your week, and be sure to — “rimuovere la plastica prima della cottura!“ 😁

6 thoughts on “Information of little import…

  1. Allisa Imming

    Oh Wow! I never would have seen that plastic coming. Pretty funny about grilling it 😆 I’m sure I would have done the same thing.
    Love your poppy piatti!

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    That all sounds very organized Shirl! I would do that. I make huge pots of soup for our lunches and fill the frig with containers. We don’t freeze because we will eat them all!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Most burgers have little fat and are to compacted. These aren’t.

  4. Shirley

    I must admit, I do that. When I see a good deal on meat I buy a larger amount than the 2 of us can eat. I use a vacuum sealer (I love it) to seal the meat for the freezer. Since I am lazy and do not want to clean my machine any more than necessary and to reduce the amount of “GOOK” I first wrap the meat in plastic wrap then I vacuum seal it. OK, so I am a little anal, I also weigh the piece and mark the package with date, weight, and what is inside. And, to admit to even more, when I make soup I always make more than we can eat. I first freeze the soup then I remove it from the container and vacuum sealer it. Then I label what is in the package before returning it to the freezer. 🤣

  5. Matthew Daub

    That looks like a fantastic burger! My foodie son brought us some dry aged prime hand chopped burgers from a butcher shop in Brooklyn. There’s no need to use any oil when cooking, there’s so much fat in the mix.

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