It’s ….. pizza nite!

We really don’t go out at night often. Mostly we are tucked inside watching a movie after our dinner at 8:30. That’s why we seldom have pizza. Around these parts they only make pizza at night. Never at lunch, except for pizza by the slice in some take out places. It is because it takes a long time to get the oven up to the optimum temperature. Here it is — fiery hot!

There’s a place in the next town north called Pizzeria Nestore. We’ve passed it countless times but it always looked closed up. That was in the daytime. At night it is brightly lit and inviting. Tonight we decided to try it with Christie and Jane. We got there when they opened at 7pm. Good thing too, because it gets very full, very fast. A bottle of water and a bottle of wine and we looked at the VERY extensive list of pizzas. There must have been 100 different kinds. And all the kinds I alway hear Italians don’t eat were included. Like pineapple pizza. Yes, it was there.

We all ordered and shortly after we were delivered four big pies. The crust was quite thin. I would call it Roman style. I will put what they were in a caption.

Fresh cherry tomatoes anchovies and crema topped with lettuce.
Sausage mozzarella
Ham, spicy sausage, mozzarella and tomato sauce.

All of us ate almost all of our pizzas! They were delicious. Christie couldn’t quite finish hers as you can see below.

I thought Nestore pizza was good, but not extraordinary. Every Italian town is chock full of pizzerias and they are for the most part very good or they wouldn’t stay in business. Italians are very picky about their pizzas. I guess we need to explore the ones here in town. I will report back if we do! Ciao a tutti!

8 thoughts on “It’s ….. pizza nite!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Karen, we have a Menchetti pizzeria here in Umbertide in walking distance. The pizza is good but too salty for me. You know how Italy is, there’s a pizza place on every corner! No need to travel far! 🙂 🍕

  2. Karen Pace

    Hi Nancy and Luther! If you ever road-trip over to Chianciano, about an hour away in Tuscany, there is a great pizzeria there called Chianina Station. Also in Castiglioano del Lago there is a chain that makes thicker crust Roman pizzas, called Menchetti. My friends drove half an hour from Chiusi to CDL to pick up pizza for dinner, that’s how good it is. We really enjoyed it.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hey Wendy! Yes, Degusto was our savior during the Covid lockdowns here. They were the only place that would deliver and we became big fans! It is also close to our new apartment so we will be going for sure.

  4. Wendy

    You’ve got to try the pizza at degusto (at the piscina) this is napoletano and then there’s also panper focaccia (they deliver) this is focaccia pizza, but both are always really good. Both have extensive menus, but I recommend the pizzas.

  5. Lee Ryan Coston

    Ahhhhh, YUMMMMMMMM! The difference between American pizza and Italian pizza is like the difference between cheap Easter chocolate bunnies and Belgium chocolates!

  6. Matthew Daub

    Brava, Nancy! Our favorite pizza experience was when we stumbled on an out of the way place in the hills below the Carrara marble quarries. It looked like nothing special, but was very crowded. We sat next to an Italian truck driver and he told us to get the pizza – “The chef is world champion,” he said. I was very skeptical, but we ordered pizzas. They were beautiful and delicious with that perfect wood char at the edges. After we ate I asked to speak to the chef and was led back to the kitchen. The walls were lined with impressive trophies – London, Paris, Hamburg. The young chef was very humble, but his eyes glowed with pride. “It is my passion,” he said when I complimented him. I’ll never forget it. Everything I love about Italy!!

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