Long term health cards!

Today we went to our health department to see about the new Tessere Sanitaria we need to get every January. The new fees are quite a lot higher. €2,000 flat fee per person plus an income based extra amount. It is quite a lot more than we were paying in all the previous years. But we had read that we’re eligible for the health care for free now that we have our PdS Lungo Periodo – or permanent residence. Thing is not many of us immigrants have gotten this long term card yet. You’ve got to jump through a lot of hoops to get it and only after 5 years continuous residence. Also, we were on the early edge of retirees moving here. So, that meant our health department had never seen one before. As you can imagine, many phone calls were made. Much ass covering was done. But in the end we walked out with cards good for five years, AND for FREE! It is a very good day. This card will also give us coverage in all of the EU. Very handy.

Last night I decided to make risotto in the instant pot. I had read it was a great and labor saving way to do it. I had some left over shrimp stock and some shrimp so I adapted the recipe for that. The recipe is here – instant pot risotto. I cut the recipe in half and used shrimp stock instead of chicken. Pretend you see shrimp on top of this…we ate them before I could take a photo! 😋

i went for a little walk today. The weather is pretty nice, the cold is gone and highs are in the 50s in the daytime. Here are a couple pictures. One is the park near us called le pinette. And the other is a cute preschool they built last year. I love the little buildings with big windows and high ceilings and bright colors! Really attractive.

Finally, here is my wonky lemon tree. She’s inside for the winter, or until construction starts. She gave us lots of lemons as always.

I heard about the deep freeze dipping far south — state al caldo!

10 thoughts on “Long term health cards!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Sadly true, I know this from experiencing the Washington DC drivers, as did you. Staying home is much nicer. At least you’ve got that option!

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Carlo, of course, and our taxes are high. But we would have had to pay around €6,000 for the two of us EXTRA a year, above our taxes had we had to pay for the card.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi James, thanks! We are very happy. With the raise in fees it will save us quite a bit. I understand other regions are interpreting things differently. But that’s the Italian way,isn’t it?

  4. Carlo

    Snow is nice until you have to clear it or drive in it with irresponsible drivers whose response is to speed up rather than slow down. Here in the U.S. Rocky Mountain region we get fairly regular snow, if significantly less than 25 years ago. But all the “flatlanders” who have moved here in droves don’t know how to drive in inclement weather let alone in snow. I find myself staying home when it snows. I go for long walks and hear all the sirens in the distance.

  5. Carlo

    I would assume that the taxes you pay to the Italian government are what are actually paying for the health insurance you receive. Right?

  6. James Lupori

    Congrats on the the health cards!! We’re glad you were able to get what is one of the best benefits here in Italy!!!!

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I think so Rebecca. But we all know the US doesn’t! I’m just relieved we got the cards

  8. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Matt! Yes when you do the math we would have had to pay around €6,000 a year. That’s a savings of €30,000 over five years. A big savings. But some regions don’t do this I’m hearing so we were very lucky. I miss snow. We get cold and sometimes a dusting but that’s it. But the surrounding mountains do get snow covered so that’s pretty. Enjoy your winter!

  9. Matthew Daub

    Wow, congratulations!! You must feel like you won the lottery. I just came in from clearing three inches of powdery snow from our walks and driveway. Temps are in the twenties and another snow is expected on Friday. It’s a PITA to clean, but with all the global warming issues I’m glad to see us finally getting some winter around here.

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