Orecchiette con rapini

Last night I made probably my favorite dish. I could eat this for every pranzo and every cena. If you asked me what I want for my last meal, it would be le orecchiette con rapini 🙂. In the winter, which is when rapini grows, I snap some up to make this pasta whenever I see it. Yesterday I stopped in the Egyptian market next to us and saw some, nice and fresh. I won’t recap how it is made because I have written about it before, but here is the link orecchiette con rapini and a picture of our pasta last night. It is super easy to make.

We have a cold front coming but the last few days have been springlike. Yesterday started rainy, then turned sunny, then partly cloudy, and then, a thunderstorm rolled through. It made an amazing sunset after it passed. And during the storm I went up to the terrazzo and snapped a couple photos of the rainy, winter terrace. Then the sunset.

Buon weekend!

2 thoughts on “Orecchiette con rapini

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Louann that sounds devine! I will try it. I’ve got some dried favas in my cupboard! As for the pasta, maybe you just don’t like the al dente chew. I love to feel the, very slight, crunch in a well cooked pasta.

  2. Louann Chapman

    I am amazed how popular the pasta orecchiette is! I have tried again and again and the al dente texture turns me away every time. It always seems rubbery and tough to me. But I have a favorite dish I could eat every la pranza and la cena myself! It is the poor man’s dish: creamed fava beans with garlic and olive oil with a side of sautéd chicoria🥰 Can’t get tired of it!

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