Mercatino di antiquariato e vintage

Sunday we had our first, first-Sunday-of-the-month, flea market or mercatino di antiquariato e vintage. It was good to see them back! I, in the past, have never bought anything at one of these. But we did buy two things. A plate and a beautiful photo book of Perugia. The book is going to be a gift. Pictures!

We had terrible storms for hours during the night. And it continued to pour into the morning. It put a damper on our plans for today.

We had planned to get the Angelo Giallo (our Porsche 🙂) serviced and also visit the hospital in Perugia. We canceled and rescheduled for next week. A joy of being retired! 

Tonight we had a delicious chicken stuffed with brie and prosciutto from Calagrana. It had a nice garlicky dipping sauce. Delicioso! 

I hope all are well as we try to extricate ourselves from the lockdowns. The young people are partying on the weekend and I am concerned because they are not masked nor social distancing. I guess we all must wait and see.

Meanwhile we have made plans for our first trip! We will go to the Maremma in Tuscany. On the Mediterranean coast. About a 2.5-3 hour drive. 3 nights. A birthday celebration… More details to follow. Take care everyone, don’t loosen up too much, too soon! 🌈

2 thoughts on “Mercatino di antiquariato e vintage

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I enjoy browsing but as I said, I hardly ever buy. Luther wanted an ashtray so we bought one. Or a plate that will do. And the book of B/W photos. The model cars and trucks were amazing. There was even a little wind-up motorboat with driver for the bathtub 😅 I might have bought the big cast iron pot since I cook in the fireplace. It would a nice thing to have. Simmer stew by the coals all day. It is Luther’s 70th. I wish I could have done more for it!

  2. Ric Mosley

    OH OH I love flea markets! I saw things I would have wanted…the gennie pot? One of those model cars? And what was that big old cast iron thingy? Enjoy your lovely trip. Must be Luter’s birthday, as I know when yours is.

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