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For our upcoming short trip, we love to book a cottage from the National Trust in the UK. But for an American, the reservation form you have to fill out is unusual (and amusing). This is the list of titles they expect they could need. I was tempted to pick Lady. Or maybe Dame! 😁 And what do you think Mx is?

The National Trust in the UK is like the Historical Society in the US. Many of the old families who have inherited large, historically significant properties cannot afford to keep them up and have donated them to the Trust, who restore them and maintain them. This would include some very magnificent gardens, as well as the buildings. The Trust makes holiday rentals of many of the small outbuildings on these properties that used to house grooms, gardeners, gatekeepers, etc. The cottages vary greatly in size, comfort levels, location and price. Here is a link to the National Trust Holiday Cottages. You’ll see they are varied and interesting.

The cottage we rented is small and in a little village called Corfe Castle. It is called the Grooms Cottage. Check it out. It is unusual as it is in a village, not in the countryside like most are. We have rented about five or six of these cottages over the years.

We fly on Friday from Perugia airport on RyanAir to Stansted airport north of London. Super easy because Perugia airport is about 20-25 minutes from us. Easy parking. Two gates! 🙂 Then we rent a car and drive to Devon. Google says that should take about 3 hours. This vacation will be laid back with pub lunches and touring nearby villages and cities. We will shop and I will cook in the cottage in the evening. The village we are in has some eateries so we may walk out to dinner.

Stay tuned for the trip report.

10 thoughts on “National Trust

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Barbara, my next blog will tell the saga of the severely delayed flight. So we landed in Stansted at 6:30. So we spent the night in Great Dunlow. We drove down Saturday morning and it did take just over three hours. And we are in Dorset – I erred on where we were going. Stay tuned for report

  2. Barbara Harrison

    Hi Nancy, I think it might take you more than 3 hours from Stansted to Devon on a Friday in December, enjoy your holiday

  3. Becky Reed

    I love your adventures and the pictures you paint with your words. I think I live vicariously through you!!

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hey Ken. We adore these cottages and staying put for a week or so and just enjoying the area. Hope you try it!

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