New trip

We are preparing for a new trip. We have house/cat sitters arriving on Sunday. We are meeting up with my sister and her husband for another small ship cruise. Again on the Windstar line. This ship holds 300 people. We will fly to Amsterdam and depart from there and sail down the coast to Bordeaux. Then fly home. I will, of course do a trip report. Right now many preparations are being made. Getting the apartment ready for our sitters is the prime importance. And also, of course packing for ourselves. We are almost ready. Still just need to make up a second guest room since our sitters are two women who want separate bedrooms.

Last night I finally tried the outside wood BBQ. I made a garlic, yogurt marinated chicken thigh recipe. It came out well but I needed either more oil on the grill or not skinless thighs. They tended to stick. They tasted good though. I will use this grill more now.

Stay tuned for my upcoming Trip Report.
Buon fine settimana a tutti!

2 thoughts on “New trip

  1. Carlo

    Bon Voyage! We played leap frog with the Windstar cruise ship that left from Amsterdam about the same time we did on our Azamara cruise to the Shetlands, Faroes, and Iceland last month. You should have a great trip to Bordeaux! I love the Atlantic coast of France. Beautiful!

    Incidentally, Steve Reichlen, the BBQ chef, author, and teacher says to oil the grill grate before each use—could help with that initial sticking.


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