Otto Cento 2021

This isn’t all about Otto Cento. First I need to give you links to previous posts about the festa, so you get an idea about the briganti and what they get up to. First 2014, our first year here. Next 2015, our second Otto Cento. These are just a couple years. If you are interested go to the search function and put in Otto Cento.

The Biganti are a big part of the fun of Otto Cento. They are the bad boys. Always up to mischief. And always during the wee hours of Saturday night. Today, I woke up to see in the middle of the piazza the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever seen. Along with some signs which I cannot decipher.

As you may notice the Briganti have hoisted their flag behind their creation.

To enter the piazza you need to go through a curtain which has large naked butt. You walk between the legs.

It is all in fun and the boys and their molls love it. I love it too. 💕
We went to lunch at Calagrana with a new friend, Brian, who is contemplating a move to Italy. It was a messy day weather-wise. It rained sporadically, and the sun shone some too. The view of the Niccone valley was, as always mesmerizing. We had a nice conversation and a nice lunch. I wish Brian luck in his quest to move to Italy.

Approach to Calagrana
My antipasto – liver pate with pepper jelly .
Tagliatelle puttanesca
Luther’s lamb shank

When we got home the skies opened. Much needed rain! Lovely.

Stay safe all. Next up, my road trip to Molise with my friend Jen. Exciting.

13 thoughts on “Otto Cento 2021

  1. Tesss

    I’m so glad I double checked the “mistake” because I am glad to know the Briganti have hearts of gold.

    Love the Naked Butt Curtain

    and I am envying that lamb shank!

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Who’da thought the briganti could be so obtuse? I had figured some of it,out. I didn’t conflate vacca (cow) with vaccine. Thanks for what you think it means!

  3. Andrew

    I declined to take a picture. I read the rebus as “Siamo ancora nella merda: vaccinatevi,” or “We’re still in shit: get vaccinated,” based on amo=hook, ancora=either anchor or still, depending which syllable is stressed, and vacca with hard c=cow (or vacchina=small cow), getting switched to vaccina with soft c’s.

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