Pizza night at Calagrana

Every Sunday is pizza night at Calagrana. Fun and casual. Albi mans the wood burning outdoor pizza oven with his assistant. We ran into many longtime friends we hadn’t seen in a very long time. All were in good spirits and have weathered the pandemic. Also we saw newly returned friends Linda and Evan. They will be here enjoying their apartment and the pretty autumn weather. We brought along our friends Jane and Christie who now own the little apartment overlooking the square where we stayed while renovating our apartment. We all tucked into our pizzas, hot off the fire. So good! Thanks Team Calagrana.

My pizza bianche with ham, funghi, olives and artichokes
Luther’s more traditional with salsiccia.

12 thoughts on “Pizza night at Calagrana

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Lynn,
    You can email me. Probably a better way to chat. Nancy22314 at yahoo dot com. We have such an amazing group of friends here. As far US travelers, they are allowed in Italy if vaccinated or recovered with proof of that. And also a negative test. Each EU country has their own rules. Italy is literally overflowing with American tourists now.

  2. Lynn Brown

    How long did it take you to make good friends there? We’ve just moved in June to the Bahamas and it’s been a slow process.Love to hear your story! BTW if your friends are American who’ve just come to Italy I thought there was a ban by EU for Americans?

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