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Hi everyone. I thought I would take this opportunity to mention again that we are selling our nice apartment here in one of the most convenient little towns I’ve ever encountered here in Italy. Literally anything you could need or wish for is within walking distance of our apartment. You go to the normal little medieval towns in Umbria, or Tuscany, or to a pretty hill town, and they steal your heart. But there is no “there” there. There are no services. You have to drive everywhere. But not here. It is all close by, reachable on foot. In a flat riverside town, surrounded by mountains. You will get integrated into the Italian life. You will know the shopkeepers, and they will know you. This is not to say Umbertide is not pretty with historic sights because it is also that.

We have the best of both worlds in our apartment, a town view of our main piazza, and a bucolic view of the mountains, river and fields from the back. We LIVE on our terrace in the summer. The people here in the Centro, which is like a town within a town, are super friendly. There are two nice bar/coffee shops just downstairs and the two weekly farmers markets are just out our front door. Here is a link. Umbertide Apartment.

Vino on our terazza
Misty sunset
Moon over the Tiber
Summer flowers and sunset

If you dream of Italy. Maybe my apartment will make your dream come true! Nancy22314 at yahoo dot com. We can do the sale directly without a realtor’s fees. My real estate agent from when we bought will handle all the legal paperwork and obtain a Notiao. 🌈

22 thoughts on “Apartment for sale

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    We are on the third floor European style and on the fourth floor American style. There is a floor with shops, then two apartments, one on each floor, beneath us.

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Terry,
    We will stay here in Italy if we ever sell. I will keep posting. Never fear! The house has been on the market for over two years so this is not new. We did drop our price. We are leaving to find a place with less steps because of my knee difficulties. We are fine for now but we want to get ahead of it and move now while we don’t have to. No hurry in our part for now.
    Happy you enjoy my blog!! 🙂

  3. terrylarsoncomcastnet

    I don’t know if I missed it but I am wondering why you are selling. I would love to buy it and move there but my husband would not agree. I also still have my mother to care for…she is 100 and still kicking. Whatever your reason I hope you find what you are looking for..in real estate and in life! I hope you keep writing. I jump to click on your name whenever it comes across on my email.

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Ah, I saw that but didn’t understand what it was. Ok I will reply. But perhaps email is easier in the future? Nancy22314 at yahoo dot com.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Sure I’ve had two knee replacements and I know in the future I’m going to need something with less stairs. So I’m trying to get proactive and move before I’m forced to do so. Of course that may never happen. I can easily do the stairs now. So I’m not in a terrible hurry to leave . . . I do love my casa.

  6. Rebecca Phipps

    Greetings Nancy, I have forwarded some questions about your apartment from a friend’s son who is interested via Facebook messenger,

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Email me if you’d like to see our house. Happy to show you around my beloved Umbertide as well. Do be very careful with buying and cadastral issues.

  8. Carol

    We may start negotiations on one, but it has catastral (?) issues on the attached land, and it needs a lot of work to update it -would love to find one updated like yours.

  9. Nancy Hampton Post author

    The market has improved in the last few months. I would never call it “fast”! Covid essentially stopped all sales because no one could come to look.

  10. liz kessell

    We so enjoyed our stay in your beautiful apartment. I am sure you are sad about it. I bet you find another lovely home with a view and you will make it just as beautiful. Best of luck apartment hunting.

  11. Carol

    Looks very nice. Such a shame. I expressed interest long ago but you said you were having second thoughts. We just got back yesterday from a house hunting trip in Umbria. Good luck!

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