Rain, rain, go away

Ugh. The weather has been horrible for what seems weeks. Last week we had howling winds for two full days. And then the deluge. The Tiber river is in flood. I went for a short walk yesterday before I visited the market. It wasn’t raining when I started but it had begun to sprinkle by the time I got back.

It had receded a bit when I took this picture. You can see the water has covered the path recently.

River, heading for the town. The walls keep the water away from our streets.

Near the bridge the logs that wash down from the north get stuck and pile up into a dam. They will eventually be broken up by heavy equipment.

Look at this handsome cat. She gave me quite the stare but didn’t run away. She’s part of a new feral colony.

Someone has built the colony a shelter and brought a little house. You can see people are feeding them too. People don’t embrace spay neuter much here. It isn’t a “thing” so we have batches of kittens seasonally a few times a year. People obviously care about them. They get fed, but they don’t get any medical care. I wish they could be neutered. I would gladly donate money for this cause.
Also this week I asked my friend Quintino to bring a load of firewood for me. He is a lovely Romanian gentleman and he seems to take care of all the foreign (and maybe other) ladies. I know him through my friend Angela. She tells him I’m looking to get wood and he bring big bags full all the way up to my apartment. I pay him well so he will come back next time! Nice man.

I’m anxious to start stacking the wood in the wood rack. But the damn weather won’t let me! I see tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. Crossing my fingers.
Stay safe everyone! 🌈

8 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hah! This totally doesn’t surprise me Shirley! Here, the men can’t even stand the THOUGHT of cutting them, as they call it. No one neuters their male dogs or cats. I’ve never thought of them becoming gay though! Very funny.

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    No there aren’t any groups here that trap and release. To be honest they won’t even neuter the male pet dogs or cats here. The Italian men can’t stand the thought of it. 🙂 I sent you an email with a couple of links and a photo.

  3. Shirley

    I must share a funny story. Our friends had a house on one of the Islands in Panama (Isla Taboga). It is a small Island had loads of Stray Dogs (they adopted 2) and puppies. They decided to work with a Vet in Panama to come to the Island to neuter the dogs. Well, some of the local men got very upset because they felt if the dogs got neutered they would become gay.
    True Story.

  4. Terry Larson

    Loved the picture of the beautiful cat. Could you google to see if there’s anyone that would come and do a spay-neutering program? So sad that they don’t get medical care. Loved seeing your potted garden on your deck. I have not read all your posts but would love to see pictures inside and out of where you live – maybe one of your previous posts? Curious what your fireplace looks like too. I’m tolerating the pandemic by virtually traveling through books, youtube, netflix shows and your posts! Thank you. I was in Italy last year for 24 wonderful days (my 3rd trip)
    I hope to live there someday soon. Terry from Portland, OR

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