Recent adventures

Well, maybe not “adventures”…but stuff we did 🙂. Mostly eating. What’s new?!

Anyway, we had lunch with new friends we had not met before last week. They bought a house in Gubbio and were visiting the first time since Covid. It was a pretty day. We sat outside. We were at Ristoro di Campagna. It is a very Umbrian place. No menu, they come and recite what they’ve got. And we dined with chickens! A first for that!

Our view.
Mr. Rooster
….and the little lady

Today we drove to Montepulciano. It’s about an hour and 10 or 15 minutes from our house. We were meeting up with an old friend, Rod, that we both worked with in Germany. Twenty six years ago!! 😳 We dined at La Grotta, one of our favorites. Been many times. It was pretty and we ate in the garden. It was great to catch up, and great to meet Ana, Rod’s wife. Yummy food and nice conversation. Here are my dishes…mmmm.

Hand made pici with almonds, olives and sun dried tomatoes
Perfect lamb chops

Stay safe everyone!

8 thoughts on “Recent adventures

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Natalie! I’m sure you will miss the food. When I go home to the US I never eat Italian food. Only ethnic foods which I cannot get here. So this makes me quite happy. I hope you can do that too!

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Semifreddo is sort of like ice cream. The ingredients are similar to ice cream and are mixed together and spread in a pan and put in the freezer. No churning necessary and the texture is denser. A good and easy dessert. This one was flavored with anise.

  3. Natalie Smargiassi

    I have to go back the US for the winter. I will really miss the food and all the lovely restaurants here. Your food pictures look amazing

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