Sunday dinner

I made a wonderful dinner tonight and I thought I’d share it. The recipe is called “string beans, pickled beans, tomatoes, and olives on Tonnato”. It is from the Six Seasons cookbook. It has started to get hot and we have at least two weeks coming up of very hot weather so salads are nice.

I read the recipe a few weeks ago and made a jar of pickled beans. They’ve been curing in the refrigerator for a while and I thought they were ready. I added a few things, like endives for crunch, and a soft boiled egg. The description of the recipe said it had evolved from the Salade niçoise. The egg added a little more umph so it wasn’t “just a salad”. The tonnato sauce underneath the salad was great and you could get some with each forkful. It was quite filling. I’d make this one again.

🌈 mask up everyone! 💕

3 thoughts on “Sunday dinner

  1. Carlo

    Looks interesting. I love the tonnato sauce in particular. I’ll bet that gives unusual depth to the salad—along with the poached egg, of course.

  2. trsaux

    Hi Nancy, I am Terry Saux from Louisiana. I started following you about a week or so now and am enjoying your blog.
    Just wanted to say hello! You two talk good care of yourselves…until your next post, ciao.

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