Heat spell

We are just entering our first, longest, and hottest spell of the year. Some people love it. I DO NOT. The house has to be “managed”. Close it all up by 10am. We don’t re-open until sunset. In the early morning sitting on the terrace with my coffee is very nice with the sweet, cool air. In the evenings we watch our Netflix movies and shows out on the terrace. Very pleasant. The good thing is it cools off at night so sleeping is not bad. If we had to, we have an AC in our bedroom, but normally we don’t need it.

Today we walked to the Poste to pay a bill for our friend that could only be paid there. We went early before it got too hot. We walked. On the way we saw a big cherry picker extended to the top of the bell tower in town. This is the one that rings our times all day, and rings for the Masses on other days, as well as at six PM each night. I guess someone noticed all the plants growing on the roof and in the gutters. Looks like the were spraying it to kill it off.

🌈 andrà va bene! Now this saying is for those in the US.

4 thoughts on “Heat spell

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    It gets even hotter in Florence. I have friends who have an apartment in Florence and a home here in Umbria. They get out of Florence and come here for the summer. Nicer. But Even so, we always have one really bad hot spell down this is it!

  2. Dave

    Oh boy! That’s hot. Was almost that hot last July when my wife and I had our wedding outside of Florence. The ceremony in the courtyard was a fan-fest.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi David, we use the AC in the living room. Usually we turn it on around 4pm. By then the sun has been beating on the enormous west facing roof all afternoon and the room has gotten pretty hot. This room is a newer part of our house so it doesn’t have the thick walls of the rest of the house. Those walls keep the older part pretty cool as long as the sun doesn’t come in. We are having about 39C temperatures or 102F. 🥵

  4. Dave

    Buongiorno Nancy, heat spell in NYC also, getting to 96F today, after 94F yesterday. Working from home during pandemic, it’s challenge to not use AC too much.

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