Old lady carrello

I have a friend, who shall remain nameless 🙂, she calls these “old lady carts”.

I admit, the little old ladies here DO use these for their shopping. They don’t have cars so these are a big help to them. But…. I say defensively…. I have also seen younger people, and even (gasp) men with these. I decided to get one. The one above is mine. Sitting in front of our door. Deluxe model. You may note it has the high tech, coolio, triple wheel action, handy for curbs and stairs. Note to my anonymous friend (who lives in Perugia, a hill town 😳), you need one of these!! 💕

The weather has turned gorgeous. Not at all hot. Brilliant blue sky with no clouds. It gets very cool at night. The Saturday market is going strong. I got my shopping done. The peppers on the left I harvested this morning from our own pepper plants. They are all spicy.

Dinner tonight will be from a recipe from Italian Food Forever. It is called Summer Spaghetti. So easy, and so good in summer with the beautiful tomatoes. No cooking, so it doesn’t heat up your kitchen. You put it together and let it sit 4 or more hours. The flavors meld. You cook and toss the spaghetti into the sauce while it is hot, saving some sauce to put on top. A little pecorino cheese and it is summertime heaven. Mmmm. Nothing makes me happier!

I have been watching the US news, as I’m sure we all are. It is so sad that if people would just wear that damn mask they could almost stop this Virus in its tracks! Please stay safe and wear your masks. 🌈 😷

4 thoughts on “Old lady carrello

  1. Ric Mosley

    yes , we have them in Pisticci. But not sure how they get up the stairs..and down easily, seems difficult. You do not have many stairs to pull your cart. fun.

  2. Carlo

    Hmm… sort of like ceviche. Sounds great. We’ll try it. Thank you. P.S., love that high-tech stair-climbing grocery cart!

  3. Audrey

    When we were in Sicily last year, while in an Airbnb in Ortigia, they had one of these in the closet. We took it to their market and filled it up with fresh fruits and veggies. It was sooo much easier than carrying bags from each vendor.

  4. Joseph Roveto

    You must stop sharing photos of such food, without an adjoining invitation. Damn!

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