Sunday lunch

Yesterday we picked up our lunch at Calagrana. It was Five Spice Slow Roasted Pork Belly and Bau Buns. Tasty! Picture follows.

It was a decent enough Sunday weather wise. Quite cool but a nice little drive. A tiny change of scenery. The pretty driveway to Calagrana.

Otherwise it was same ole, same ole. Today, Monday, I called our doctor. She said we would get our shots this week or next. She seems to be a little behind the other doctor in town that most of us go to. She said last week she did 78, 79 year olds. This week she will do 76, 77 year olds. Depending on the number of shots she may get a little lower. We may have a bit of a wait. I volunteered that we would be happy to come and take any left over shots if someone doesn’t show. She said her practice has never had anyone not show for their shot. Ok then.
Yesterday, I noticed the exciting sight of our little House Martins visiting their nests after the long migration back from Africa. They return every year to the same nest. So today, in honor of our returning friends I chose as our Italiano phrase…”i balestrucci sono tornati a nidificare” In English “the House Martins have returned to nest”. Pronounced Ee bah-lay-struch-chi so-no torn-ah-tea ah nee-dee-fee-car-ay.
Stay safe everyone! 🌈

4 thoughts on “Sunday lunch

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I love that photo. Good choice. And yes, Calagrana thought outside the box this whole year and more and managed to keep it all together. They are very excited to be opening for lunch on Monday, and we have reservations for next Sunday!

  2. Carlo

    I am using your photo of the road to Calagrana as my computer desktop background and it takes me back to Italy every time I turn on the machine—even if just for a moment. I am glad to know they seem to be surviving the pandemic-induced economic downturn. Thank you.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    So happy you tried it and liked it! Thanks for reporting back. I had to look up the buffalo. I had thought you meant ground water…like water that seeps into the ground…but now I get that it is water buffalo that’s been ground up into hamburger!! Ha ha! My mistake! Never had water buffalo before…looks lean…

  4. Wendy

    Thanks Nancy for sharing your bolognese recipe…our Sunday lunch. It was fabulous and will make it again. I made it using ground water buffalo, my go to red meat. Simple and delicious!

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