Vaccine appointments

Yesterday we got the call from our medico di base. She has vaccines and we have an appointment on Tuesday to get our shots. We are happy. It is good news. If we get AstraZenica, as we assume we will, we will get the second shot in July sometime. They say the efficacy is a lot higher if you wait.

On Monday we go to Zona Gialla. Zone Yellow. This is the BEST news. We will be able to travel to places in our region and even to adjacent regions that are Yellow. So we could go to Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Le Marche, Abruzzo, and Lazio. 😁 💕 What freedom. The ristorante and the Bars are also opening for sit down outside drinks and meals. How exciting for them. It’s been very hard on these businesses. I was out yesterday, and the chef at San Giorgio, the restaurant across the Piazza from us, was outside cleaning his tables in anticipation. I was excited for them and asked if they’d be open next week. And yes! They will be, for Pranzo. It is the best place in town. It warms my heart to see Cafe Centrale out spiffing up the outside space, and Bar Mary too. It will feel like the old Umbertide again 💕. Spritzes on the Piazza…wow.

Beautiful weather today. Just perfect. Pastel blue sky, bright green wheat, the trees with varying blushes of tiny spring leaves. The birds flitting about. I saw our resident Hoopoe or Upupa on our terrace today. Big beautiful bird.

Dinner last night was from the little group who do “takeaway Thursday”. They offer two menus. One, more traditional Italian or continental. The other, more exotic. This week we got one of each. Luther got the French one. I got the Thai one. Very yummy. I walk across the bridge over the Tiber to pick-up at 6pm. Half of Umbertide seems to be over there getting dinner! Here is a picture of my dolce. Peanut butter cups with spicy bits on top…to be honest, I ordered my meal just to get these. 😁 There were three…

Next chore is to put together our packet for the Permesso di soggiorno UE per soggiornanti di lungo periodo (ex carta di soggiorno) – elective residence. We finally have gotten everything we need to apply. And it is quite the list, let me tell you. I will be working on this today and tomorrow and I hope to have it all ready to submit on Monday.
Italiano phrase for today. “ho pranzato, ora è tempo di fare un pisolino” In English “I had lunch, now it is time for a nap”. Pronounced….oh pranz-ahto, or-ah aa tem-po dee fah-ray une peese-oh-lean-oh. Pisolino is a favorite word…a nap!
Stay safe everyone. Un buon fine settimana! 🌈

12 thoughts on “Vaccine appointments

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I’m sorry. I know how it feels. Until yesterday it had been four months since we could leave our Comune. That’s a really long time!

  2. Carlo

    Nancy, would you post the list of items that have to be in your “Permesso di soggiorno UE per soggiornanti di lungo periodo” sometime? Thank you!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Connie, things are looking good for the fall. Your granddaughter should be fine. I’m not so sure for the summer. We are happy to get shots. Waiting for the second one 3.5 months will be difficult!

  4. Connie Patton

    I’m so glad you will be getting your shots soon. Your news is very encouraging for our granddaughter who will be spending most of the fall semester in Europe. We have been concerned about how much she will be able to travel while she is there.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Yes, like last summer…too much, too soon. After the full lockdown people went wild. I hope everyone enjoys this but does it safely. And then things can get back to quasi-normal. I think travel will be returning mid summer…cross your fingers.

  6. Nancy Hampton Post author

    You are so right Matt. Hardships do make us reassess and think. Living through this difficult time and pandemic has given me some insights.

  7. Stephen Stamps

    Congrats. Some what normal life again is a good thing.
    Hopefully everyone behaves g we will see some travel in our future.

  8. Matthew Daub

    So very happy to read your hopeful and upbeat post! Life will slowly return to normal for all of us, and perhaps we’ll be a little stronger, wiser, and better for having lived through the experience.

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