Supportive friends 💕

I had to write this to tell you how much you, my readers, help buck me up through tough times. I really appreciate you. I have had almost universally upbeat and encouraging comments during this stressful move. Oh sure, one or two told me I should fold up my tent and go home. But I’m not doing that. I have been here eight years — through an international move and an apartment renovation. We had eight beautiful years in our last beautiful, home. And I hope, with work, the new home will also be nice. You guys are the best! 💕💕 thank you.

6 thoughts on “Supportive friends 💕

  1. Catherine Rowley

    Being a newcomer here I don’t know the history of your eight year residence in Italy. Regardless of those details its very nice to read your sentiment of gratitude for the positive feedback and support you’ve experienced. That, in itself, was nice to read. On a humorous note; when you mentioned LUBE, I did not know what that was, thought it short form for one of the tradespeople you need to access in order to go forward with the work in your new place….when I Googled it all manner of ‘helpful’ sites came up; but I didn’t think they were what you intended. I’ve since determined they are the kitchen designers…..I had to laugh, hope you will too. And, get the kitchen you want.

  2. Cynthia M

    Not just the moving – the selling and buying and all that goes with that too. Now you get to settle in for the next chapter. Turning the page can be painful for sure, and you’re making great progress even if it’s on Italian time!

  3. Deb

    I love your blog and the way you are realizing your dreams.
    I think you and Luther will enjoy your fabulous new apartment

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