The journey is accomplished – part 2

We still had to lug three 40+ pound bags up 4 flights. We decided to take them to our own apartment and unload only what we needed to Susan and Gary’s apartment. We got a chance to look around our apartment. It was as charming as I remembered. I know we will be happy there once we get everything done. Here are some more pictures of the empty apartment:

Living Room – where the sofa will be. Those bookshelves need to be removed.

Other end of the room where the dining table is.

Office room

Guest bedroom

Existing kitchen.

Patio view to the Tiber river.

We showered and changed clothes and went out to Bar Mary and enjoyed a relaxing beer on the Piazza. There was a thunderstorm brewing so we hurried over to Susan and Gary’s house where we enjoyed a chat and a bottle of red wine. By the time we were finished the rain had stopped.

So the end of the arduous journey and onward to the new adventure!

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