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We got back home on Friday afternoon. Our cats were very happy their full time staff was back. Outside in the evening they had a concert in the Piazza. Very nice classical music. The chairs were well spaced for the social distancing, for both the spectators and the musicians.

Today I made a big pot of soup. I hunted and gathered in the kilometer zero market on Saturday. I bought a big bunch of beattole aka, beet greens. And a butternut squash. Among other things. Here’s a picture of one of my favorite onions. I was talking about it with a friend yesterday so I thought I’d include it. They have enormous piles of them and they are mild.

My hand is included so you can see they are big!

Otherwise, I’ve still been watching the Covid cases in both Italy and the US. A friend of mine seemed to imply we, over here in Italy, are being mislead about the severity in the US. That it is not that bad there… That is not true. I‘m watching the US news, and I’m watching the statistics on the Johns Hopkins, WHO, CDC, and Worldometer websites.

I know it is bad in the US. People say it is because of population differences. But many stats are adjusted for that. The figures I’m seeing on the news, CNN and Fox ( I try to be bi-partisan 🙂) say taking into account population differences – the US is 4% of the world population with 23% of the worlds Covid cases. And The US death toll is more than twice as high as that of the country with the second-highest death rate, Brazil. So that says a lot.

There is still a ban on people traveling from the US to most of Europe until they can get the infection rates down. The magic number is when the US has an average of 15.3 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the previous 14 days. I have noticed US numbers are slowly coming down which is good, but it still has a ways to go. 
— Italy has around 60 million population with 1,458 cases on 9/13
— US has around 350 million population with 33,506 new cases on 9/13

Doing the math. The US has about 6 times the population of Italy. So if you multiply 1,458 x 6 = 8,748 new cases which would be how much the US would have on 9/13 if their infection rates were the same as Italy. That is 24,758 more cases than Italy in one day, adjusted for population.

It tells me the much harder lockdown in Italy has succeeded. Life here is quasi normal. I don’t think the US can say that yet. Masks are key. They are still here everywhere. Masks help a lot but the real help will be a vaccine. Here’s hoping 🤞
Stay safe everyone. Andrà tutto bene. 🌈

10 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I tell you, we here don’t seem numb. Maybe the young people who are immortal. I remember when I was immortal. Those of us who are no longer so must keep up our guards.

  2. Tony M

    One thing I think might be happening here in the US is people are becoming numb to all this. All the deniers need to maybe spend 10 minutes in a hospital to understand how horrible the effects are. Stubborn and pig headed might see the light.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    It is sad. And I don’t understand the deniers. And the unbelievers. And the anti-maskers. It takes so little to control the virus. If the US would just do it they’d be in a much better place. I know. I lived the lockdown. And now I’m benefiting by having a semblance of a normal life. Hang in. Stay safe. All you can do is protect yourself…and VOTE.

  4. Bob Monsour

    You’re right, Nancy. Things here in the U.S. are quite bad and not getting a lot better. There are a lot of outbreaks at college campuses and there are too many anti-mask groups. And, as you have likely seen, we’ve got a President that doesn’t seem to care much about the lives lost.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    We do love this part. We can see all the activity. The 2 weekly markets are in this piazza, steps from our door. We even can sit up in our house and enjoy the concert. Downside…rock concerts 😳 But we have good windows that cut most of the noise if need be.

  6. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I just don’t understand the otherwise intelligent people who are deniers. I too hope for a turn around. 🤞🤞💕

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I heard you’re doing well. I hope it continues. They just don’t know enough yet, about this virus. So new, and so strange. And it will warrant study for years I am sure. Stay safe my friend.

  8. Matthew Daub

    Ad always, enjoy your posts, Nancy, and appreciate the first-hand reports. Unfortunately, what you say is very true about what’s going on here in the US, and it’s very sad and says some disturbing thigs about us. Let’s hope for a turn-around!

  9. liz kessell

    I also watch the stats. What I find really interesting and worth some research, is the extremely low death rates and cases in places like Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and other Asian countries. We are doing okay here in Canada. Fingers crossed.

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