Umbertide is back!

Eurocup. Italy versus Turkey. Back in the olden days. Before Covid. We had exciting gatherings in front of Bar Mary to watch sporting events. Mostly soccer, or football as they call it here. Since Covid things have been different, but tonight! Tonight! There’s a huge crowd outside. Bar Mary, as of old, has set up a big TV and the chairs are all pulled up to watch the game. Cheering erupts at intervals. I can hear it well up here. See the fun…

Makes me happy.

10 thoughts on “Umbertide is back!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Always an adventure! Sorry for your phone loss. Ouch. But being here lessens the pain! Enjoy Italy!

  2. Allisa Imming

    What a wonderful sight Nancy! Good for you guys and great for Umbertide!
    Michael and I arrived in Tropea a week ago today. On the way here, my cell phone got lifted at FCO. I have been completely without communication and it’s stinging quite a bit. We only just thought to visit a friend with a b&b and use his wifi with my tablet.
    Michael ordered me a replacement phone, expected on Monday, but it arrived this morning. Yay! He’s going to go to the TIM store and get it turned on.
    Now I just have to deal with changing passwords and downloading the apps I use to this tablet….
    We sat at our local bar and watched football as well. It’s been fun getting integrated into local society.
    Also, since we’ve been gone from Italy for 14 months, our Vodafone wifi service has abandoned us, not to return. We’re trying to switch to TIM now.
    What a mess.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Linda, you are so right. Normalcy. I just hope it lasts! 🤞

  4. Donna Cantwell

    Oh! This makes me happy, too! We miss our beloved Umbria and can’t wait for the day when we can return. I’m happy for your town, it must be so special to witness this!!

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