Upcoming trip, Permesso di soggiorno lungo periodo

We are having beautiful weather. Yesterday, Luther and I went for a walk. It was the first day of warmish weather after a long cold spell. It seemed like everyone in town was out for the evening passeggiata. We chose the river walk. The Tiber river and Umbertide, behind its walls.

Today, we finally turned in our paperwork for the Permesso di soggiorno UE per soggiornanti di lungo periodo – elective residence…second try. We will see if we’re missing anything this time. Last time 2 of our documents were expired. Our Questura appointments are April 14. Once, in the past this first appointment was six months out. That meant it took almost a year to get our new Permessi from application to receiving the card. By then we had to start the renewal process for the next one! We are glad that was a one time thing. We have no idea why. 75 pages of documentation…And €176 each in stamps and fees…EACH.

Tomorrow we are going on our first trip since last summer. Long time. Short time and distance. We will take the train to Milano for three nights and explore the city.

Ciao for now!

10 thoughts on “Upcoming trip, Permesso di soggiorno lungo periodo

  1. William Gilbert

    Hello Nancy,
    Your post on this is very interesting for my wife and I. We have been in Le Marche for over two years and have renewed our permesso twice.

    Is the card you write about the one that is available after a five year period? When does the time frame for the card start, after the date of the original visa, or from the date of the first permesso?

    Do you use the same forms as the permesso di soggiorno? Thanks.


  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Wow, thanks Karen. We are on the fast train to Milano right now. I’d love to have a drink there. I’m happy the blog is helpful to you. I try to keep it up to date with info. Things are hard to give advice on here since Italy is rather chaotic at the best of times! And every region makes up their own rules. Good luck in your planning and my email is on the contact page. Happy to respond to any questions.

  3. Karen Pace

    Hi Nancy, I’m planning to retire to Italy in 4 years and am finding your blog to be invaluable! Thank you for taking the time to let us all know how it’s going for you and Luther! If you’re in Milan for 3 days, I recommend a funky rooftop terrace bar overlooking the Duomo. The views at that height, of the sculptures around the Duomo are worth one overpriced drink. I don’t like Aperol Spritzes but they serve free finger food snacks and have other things on the menu, even though it’s alled the Terrazza Aperol. I really enjoyed the view from up high, of the cathedral and piazza. You have to make reservations now, I think (I went in 2017, pre-pandemic).

    Karen Pace

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi LeeRyan,
    We didn’t bring much. We used UPakWeShip. Only sent two 100 cubic foot boxes. I can’t really help further. I do know the global conditions with the shipping bottlenecks are affecting price and time of shipments. That could be your issue.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Geez, I guess I worded that badly! 🤣😂😅 no €176 for each of us…. But 75 pages submitted! Sorry!

  6. LeeRyan Coston

    Nancy, can you point me to one of your blogs that talks about shipping from USA to Italy? It seems that it’s unrealistically expensive, unless I’m just not talking to the right people. I certainly don’t want to ship furniture and that sort of thing, but I have memorabilia and clothes and such that I would want to ship.

    If I have to give up all of my things, in order to move to Italy, then I will, but I would sure like to know if there are shipping options that are reasonable or more reasonable than the ones that I have found.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blogs!😘

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