We have had visitors the past few days. They arrived in Malpensa in Milano and made their way to us on the train. They have a house in Basilicata, in the south. They will head off to Rome tomorrow and from there, onward to their wee house. Unfortunately the weather was pretty awful so we didn’t do too much. We did manage a nice lunch on Sunday at Calagrana.

Delizioso risotto!
My friend

Finally today, Monday was a nicer day. Blue skies and warm if you’re in the sun. We had decided to visit a house that a friend of ours is buying on Monte Subasio between Assisi and Spello. The house has spectacular views. It has it’s own olive grove. It is springtime so everything is green and flowery.

Home to be…
What a view!

We decided to stop into Santa Maria degli Angeli. It is the town just beneath Assisi, which sits on the mountain above it. It is an important catholic center. The basilica was constructed between 1569 and 1679, enclosing the 9th-century little church, the Porziuncola, the most sacred place for the Franciscans. It was here that the young Francis of Assisi understood his vocation and renounced the world in order to live in poverty among the poor, and thus started the Franciscan movement. St. Francis died in the Porziuncola in 1226.

This is the Porziuncola inside the enormous space that is the Basilica.
The fresco inside the little church.

We walked around the little town a bit then we went to a small restaurant and had a nice lunch. A nice day with friends…at last ☀️

6 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    We probably won’t be here Allen. We are away from June 12 for 3 weeks. We have house sitters coming to stay. Sorry, it’s always nice to meet my virtual friends!

  2. Allen Liberato

    We should be making a 10 day return to Umbertide in mid June. I would be interested in getting a coffee with you if you’re interested. -Allen liberato

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hey Matt, I have driven thru this town many times and never stopped. I am glad we did. The church is enormous, like sixth largest in the world or something. And it was a surprise to see the itty bitty chiesa in the middle. I also found it very spiritual.
    Our friends house up on Monte Subasio is gorgeous. But I do want walkability. So for me it wouldn’t work. I cannot wait to see what he makes of this amazing place.

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hey Royane! so glad to have hosted you here. It had been too long! I wish we had better weather, but we still had fun, I think!

  5. Matthew Daub

    Hi Nancy – I’ve been to S. M. Degli Angeli many times and just realized I’ve been spelling and pronouncing the Porziuncola incorrectly all these years. (As always, thanks!) Anyway, I find the little chapel much more “spiritual” and beautiful than the monstrosity they built around it, but it’s quite astounding to enter the big church and see this little doll house in the middle!
    I’d love to have a place on M. Subasio, but there’s not much up there, and as I get older I start thinking more about convenience than beauty. I think you know what I mean. Good luck in your search for a new home!

  6. Royane

    Such a fabulous special few days with our friends and we will never forget our time together in their lovely home. Nancy can cook the most wonderful meals in her huge kitchen, and both Nancy and Luther also know all the best restaurants nearby.

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