We have news!

My friend Susan posted some information she found about the vaccines for we Umbria residents.
“There will be 3 ways we can make an appointment for the vaccine: go through a web site, use and 800 number or go to the pharmacy. We are registered by year of birth, so we need the Codice Fiscale to verify. Then we will be sent a text message telling us where and when we get the vaccine. People 80 and over are first up then the rest of us staggered by year of birth. And the vaccines will be given in Umbertide. We’ll see how this all works, but it is at least step One.”

Thanks for posting Susan! It makes me feel we have some organization and plan, since we have heard very little until now.
Big snow storm coming tonight and it will be the first “actual storm” since we’ve been here. Predicting 15cm of snow. That’s around 6”. For us, that is a lot. I am excited! Pictures will follow…
Tonight we will be having the regional dinner provided by Calagrana. Delivered to our door. This evening it will be Trentino Alto Adige.

Sentence for today. “per stanotte è prevista neve!” in English, “snow is predicted for tonight!” Pronounced…Per stah-note-tay A pre-vista nay-vay.

Stay safe ! 🌈

4 thoughts on “We have news!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I heard that too! Stay safe. We are still code red here. Things are very bad with the new strains.

  2. Leslee

    Great news for Umbertide. I am happy for everyone. I am scheduled to receive my second dose next Friday. From everything I have read, it can really kick you in your behind for a day or so. Take care and be safe.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thank you Matt. I know there has been a lot of snow along the east coast my sister is in central va. And I’ve got friends in New England. For us we are excited since it is so rare. and we’ve got plenty of pellets for the stufa. And wood for the fireplace where I’ll cook tomorrow…So it is fun for us.

  4. Matthew Daub

    How exciting – promising vaccine news and an unusual snow storm!! We’ve got a little too much of a good thing here – a 12″er to start the season, then more than two feet a week or so ago followed by almost daily 2″-3″ freshenings with more expected. The deer have nothing to eat and are totally decimating our gardens. I wish we had better news on the vaccine front, but there’s not much to go around here in Eastern PA. Enjoy the snow and your canederli!

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