My new, favorite Italian word is….telecomando. Somehow it makes me feel like the captain of a Starship. What power I have here in my hand! I won’t keep you waiting, it is the word for remote control. I guess I’d heard it before, but now I’ve got fans with telecomandi — I assume that’s the plural(?) — so I’m feeling mighty powerful 😁

It’s still hot but it will be slightly less for the weekend. Then it goes back up to 39. But happily, after that it is a more livable 32ish. My salad last night was a burrata tomato salad. Burrata is a cheese made from the byproducts from making mozzarella. To me it is richer than mozzarella. I served it with cold cannelloni beans.

My next salad project will be a Panzanella, probably for tomorrows dinner. It is a classic Tuscan salad which uses up stale bread. Frugal, those Tuscans. It is only good when the tomatoes are at their tip-top in high summer since they are the star ⭐️ in the dish.

I have invited our old friend Vera and her family for domenica Pranzo. We havn’t seen her since maybe February? Vera and I love to cook. I showed her how to make American style ribs and how to cook a whole turkey. I have made Mexican and Indian for them as well. The whole family are very adventurous eaters. This is not the norm for Umbrian Italians. Due to a lack of a convenient upstairs kitchen I’m doing an American style BBQ. We will start with Salsa and chips, one spicy, one mild. I can make pulled pork in the slow cooker ahead of time, which won’t heat up the house. I’ll grill hot dogs. I made homemade BBQ sauce (hard to find here), and then we will have some salads, coleslaw and potato, and finally, a new-to-me fresh peach tiramisù. I’ll try to take pictures. I hope it isn’t terribly hot upstairs. 🤞

Buon fine settimana a tutti.

10 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Noel! Yes, what’s not to like in a BBQ. Even Italians like it! 😁

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Deborah, that also sounds delicious. I’ll keep that in my pile of “to make” salads!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Linda, our Italian family will probably enjoy it! At least I hope so!

  4. Karen Pace

    All the food is making me salivate! Sounds delicious! I hope that heat breaks soon! 32 degrees never sounded so good!!!!

  5. Deborah McCarthy

    I’m doing the cold salad thing too – yesterday it was fresh tomatoes, avocado and mozzarella drizzled with a little home pressed olive oil and basil. Delicious! I like your ideas and will try some 👍🏻

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