Christmas season restrictions

Yesterday, the government in Italy issued the rules we will follow for the Christmas, New Year, and Epiphany time period. They are ridiculously slow about these proclamations. For days before they “sign” it, we get all kinds of conflicting information. I’ve come to ignore the whole thing until the pen is on the paper.

Our three zone system here in Italy has managed to help reduce our new case numbers by almost half, and our positivity rate to below 10, which is the goal. But, as we all know from human nature, and also from concrete examples over Thanksgiving in the US, people feel a need to gather on these holidays. Natale in Italy is a family holiday. It will be very hard for people to not get together with their families. I completely get this. But if they do, they will inevitably spread the virus to their friends and families. Best to bite the bullet and stay home this year…for everyone’s good.

Here is the diagram showing what we will be doing here for the holidays from Corriere della Sera. Yellow means the restaurants and bars are open in the daytime until six. There is a curfew from 10pm-5am. We can travel between other yellow regions. Orange means bars/restaurants are open for take-out only and we are restricted to traveling in our region only (Umbria). Same curfew. Red means we must stay home unless for buying food, medicines, for medical reasons, or necessary work. Shops are closed. We are allowed to have two people visit in our home. This is our calendar.

I am happy to comply with these rules. I don’t feel anyone is infringing on my rights. I am appreciative of the Italian government for trying to control the virus. After all, the vaccines will be available to us all in the next six months. We merely need to wait and stay home. For everyone’s good. As I’ve said before…there is always next year. We just need to do this for this one year. How hard is that in the grand scheme of things?
Stay home. Stay safe. Stay well. Stay alive. It will all be better soon. Andrà tutto bene 🌈

12 thoughts on “Christmas season restrictions

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hello Brian. Yes, those are the facts. It is why Italy was so hard hit, and why Italy had such a strict 3 month lockdown in the spring, and why now they are hyper vigilant…they try to protect our old population. I do think they let too much fun happen in the summer. Let too many foreign travelers in. We all had a taste of normalcy for a few months 🙂 It was lovely…it’s been hard for people to start being good again. Take care and thanks for the comment.

  2. Brian

    Factors for this:

    1. Demographics – Italy has worlds oldest population next to Japan. 1in 4 Italians is over 65yrs; most likely to succumb

    2. Multigenerational homes common in Italy. 95% of those killed by virus in Italy are over 60. 86% over 70.

    They show a chart with daily confirmed covid deaths per million and Italy leads USA, UK and Spain.

    Rest of article merges with your upcoming lockdown explanation.

    Hope this adds to conversation.Stay safe and stay put.

    WSJ Dec 21, 2020:

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Michelle, you are so right! I am very grateful. And also fearful for my loved ones in the US. Such a sad situation. Maybe 2021, with new leadership at the top will help. And thank heaven for the vaccine…stay safe buon Natale e buon anno! Nancy🙂

  4. Michele Thyne

    Everyday I am grateful to be living in a country that actually cares. The family is sacred here, grandmothers and grandfathers are not left to be at risk, people make a bad situation better, if you recall the singing from balcony to balcony in the cities. And now the vaccine is coming. Sadly that is scaring some people but I am confidant this will be addressed and we will move forward. Lucky us, to be living here, the country with heart.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Anne, thanks so much for writing. I’m sure all my friends with houses here will make it back next year. Like you, they really miss it. I know I would too! Let me know when you make it over. Le Marche isn’t all that far away and depending on the timing maybe we could meet up. Buon Natale to you too!

  6. Anne

    Hi Nancy- I so enjoy your blog! We have a little house in Le Marche, but unfortunately haven’t been able to go in over a year :(. We miss Italy terribly, so reading your posts about everyday life makes me feel closer. Hopefully it won’t be long before we can go back. In the meantime, I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Dave. The vaccine will be here just after Christmas for health care people. January begins for the rest of us starting with the elderly. I understand the problems with the restaurants. A 3% positivity rate is very good. I’m betting he knows how people will go crazy given the chance. It is the nature of humans it seems. Our holiday will be quiet as well. Maybe next year we can party for two years. Buon Natale e buon anno…

  8. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Sharon, sorry. I’m so familiar with it I forget others aren’t! We are right now in a yellow zone. But you’ll note on Christmas Eve we become red…as does ALL of Italy. Yes, you are correct. The whole country is shut down for the parts of the calendar that are red on those days. It is meant to keep people from traveling and gathering during the holiday.

  9. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Mark and Sandi. We are lucky to be here in Europe. I wish there was something I could do to help convince Americans it is in their best interest to do these things. Sigh. Herding cats is a good analogy.

  10. Dave

    Ciao Nancy. Agreed, bite the bullet today so need for bullets tomorrow. What’s the vaccine situation in Italy? Cuomo has shut down indoor restaurant dining in NYC even though positivity rate is less than 3% in Manhattan. Not that I’m planning on dining indoors but restaurants may not survive. Will be another quiet holiday. Be safe.

  11. Sharon Hallgrimson

    I find you chart a bit confusing. You state you’re in the orange zone, yet the days surrounding Christmas and New Years are red – does that mean complete shutdown for you during those periods?

  12. mlane78212

    I couldn’t agree more. We are Americans living in France and we also feel appreciative that we have a government run by responsible adults. It is so sad to see how incompetent the US government has been so far and it is little wonder that people have lost trust and therefore are not complying with the rules. It truly is like herding cats. Or it would be if there were a shepherd at the helm.

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