Day 49 – Covid-19

183,957 positives in Italy. Up 1.5% – 24,648 total deaths since beginning of the outbreak.
There are 1,353 positive cases in Umbria.  60 total deaths.

814,587 cases in the US – 43,796 deaths.
Yesterday we began our seventh week of complete, countrywide, lockdown. What can I say?

Today I venture out. It is my turn to be the hunter gatherer. Also we need cat litter.  And I finished Luthers mask yesterday, so now we both have masks. I may look for some suitable cloth from which to sew another set. It would be good to have two each.

I love Jill’s picture of her tulips with the amazingly wild backdrop of the mountains and valley. Kind of a cultivated and wild look mixed together.

Stay home and stay safe everyone…  🌈 Andrà tutto bene…

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