Furniture store name and location

Hi all. I thought I’d do this little addendum to my post today. I should have included the contact information for the store we went to. It is called Luigi Filippo Bastianelli . It is in the town of San Giustino. It is north of Città di Castello and south of Sansepolcro. I had several folks ask for this. Of course all y’all in far away places don’t need this but this is for those who live nearby.

6 thoughts on “Furniture store name and location

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Liz, You KNOW it will be the talk of the Briscola players! It will be fun to furnish the house. Quite a lot to buy. But much of the stuff from here is coming too.

  2. liz kessell

    I had to laugh out loud, when you mentioned the boys at Mary’s watching the move. WIsh I could see that. I love the table with the round ends. Perfect. I like the screen. Looks like it has mirrors? That could be interesting. Have fun and keep sharing.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Joanne, it is a lot of fun to just poke around and look at it all. Impossible to see and notice everything. I’m taking luther up sometime soon to see the table. And I may buy the chairs and screen.

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