Home, and enjoying summer weather!

What lovely, hot weather we are having. It is in the 33-34C range or around 93F. I went out yesterday morning and enjoyed a coffee with a friend at Bar Mary. I’d call her a new friend except we’ve known “about” one another but never had a face to face chiacchierare (chat). Her name is Elizabeth. She wrote a book called Sustenance which I really enjoyed. She just managed to return to Umbria from San Francisco where she has been trapped for months due to Covid. What an ordeal. 22 hour flight with two changes! Only because she has a Permesso di Soggiorno and a medical reason was she able to return. And then she had to quarantine for two weeks. She is just freed. She said she would never leave Italy again! She used her quarantina to plant her garden, which is going gangbusters already, she reported. Anyway, it was lovely to get to know her and I’m sure we will meet again soon.

I went out to the Saturday local market today. Pretty day, a bit cooler with a nice breeze. The early summer produce is abundant now. I got beans, fennel bulbs, zucchini and zucchini blossoms, and lots of tomatoes which I “hope” will be good since it is coming onto the best time for them. I also took a few pictures 🙂

Bar Mary is always busy on market days.
Cafe Centrale too.
There is always this man with his Prosciutto. He cuts it so thin it’s almost transparent.
One of the streets in Centro.

A friend posted these two graphs from Worldometer. Excellent way to see the differences. Pretty scary.

So, there is danger out there, everyone be careful. Safe Fourth of July to you all. I miss that here! 💥 🧨

One thought on “Home, and enjoying summer weather!

  1. Audrey

    So jealous of how smart Italy was about the virus. But noooo, I live in Florida with a bunch if selfish idiots. 2 guys I work with thought it would be a great idea to go to Miami (where the numbers are way higher than here) and now are sick. So my whole company is shut down again (around 150 people) because they thought it was ok to not be careful and no masks. Now we can’t reopen till everyone gets tested. And my company is one of the few that takes your temp and insists on masks. I’ve felt relatively safe going into work. Plus, I have my own office. I am so sick of reading “my body, my choice” or hearing it called a scandemic.
    Sorry for venting.
    Anyways, your market looks AMAZING. Silver lining, hopefully next year I can stay for a month since I’m not taking a vacation this year. I miss the markets there.

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