Ristorante Caldaro

Sunday is the traditional day for lunch out in Italy. Families and friends go to the country and in town places. It is imperative to book. We were going with our friend, Elizabeth to Ristorante Caldaro. A nearby place that always slips my mind when I’m mentally thinking of dining possibilities. Not sure why, since it is one of the nicer and better places around.

Downside was it was very crowded. There seemed to be a celebration of some kind on the first floor. There was an enormous table. We were upstairs and it was full. The tables are not as far apart as I have seen in most places and not conducive to feelings of well being. Now we’re heading into winter and we’ll be eating inside more often. We have cut our dining out to once a week or less. This, is to try to limit our proximity to people. And also because we are watching our calories right now.

We three enjoy eating and we are all wine afficionados. We had two courses each, plus shared dessert, and we shared two bottles of wine. One white, a Lungarotti Torre di Gianno vigna il Pino, and one red, La Spinetta Vigneto Gallina Barbera d’Alba. Both lovely. Here are pictures of some of the food.

Eggs with truffles.
Grilled octopus with burrata on mashed potatoes.
Beautiful dessert we shared.

A fun time with good company, good food and wine…how can that be wrong? 💕

6 thoughts on “Ristorante Caldaro

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Margherita, the food was very good. I got the duck breast, didn’t post the pic because it was overcooked for my liking. They didn’t ask how I wanted it like they do for steak and lamb. Too bad. Otherwise a good meal.

  2. Dave

    Ciao Nancy! Great lunch. Can’t wait to have a regular place for Sunday lunch in Italy. Indoor dining, 25% capacity, now allowed in NYC. We have no interest in partaking. We’ve dined al fresco maybe 5 times in last couple of months. Manhattan still doing pretty well with covid, but other boroughs are seeing a little uptick and a little more than that in certain neighborhoods. Stay well.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Pernilla, we did indeed enjoy our lunch at Caldaro. I’m happy you visited San Giorgio and enjoyed it. They are excellent. My only complaint is they don’t change the menu with the seasons, nor have any specials … ever. I just don’t understand that. But 🤷‍♀️. So we visit it less often than we would.
    Worried about the US too…and the Italian government has become concerned so there will be mandated masks inside AND outside starting tomorrow…nationwide. Also curfews for bars. And some other things. The numbers are going up here but not too bad. Yet. Take care of yourselves!💕

  4. Pernilla

    Hi Nancy!
    Good to see you are doing ok. We love the Caldaro which was the restaurant we visited after our very nice apperitivo together. We’ve had some really nice dishes there and I do remember having the wine Lungarotti Torre di Gianno. 😉 Very nice indeed. And thank you for the tip San Giorgio. What took us so long? A lot can happen in the 15 years or so since we started coming to Umbertide I guess. A knock out!
    Stay safe! Its with some distress we follow the updates from the US. Hopefully andra tutto bene

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