Sunday lunch out

Luther and I decided to have Sunday lunch in a restaurant right next to us that we love. We lucked out and got the last table. Note to self: remember to reserve next time. C’era una Volta is the name of the restaurant. It means Once Upon a Time. It is a family run place with no menu. They just come and read what they’ve got. They are known for their antipasto platter so we got one to split. And then we each got a pasta. I got tagliatelle with cinghiale (boar) ragù bianco. Luther’s came with guanciale (pork cheeks) and potatoes. It was all good. First three pictures are the antipasto, next my pasta, then Luther’s.

It was good to get out for a bit without having to get something done!

On Saturday we picked out a stufa. We have a chimney sweep coming to clean and then they will come to install.

It is Monday. New week. New things to get done! Ciao for now!

10 thoughts on “Sunday lunch out

  1. liz

    I LOVE pork cheeks. Did I tell you about the time I ordered it in a little restaurant in Portugal, and as I was eating it, I saw little white gleaming teeth….lol. So, whenever I order it, I ask the waiter if it comes with the teeth. I always get a funny look or a laugh.

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Noel, no you didn’t miss anything. In our previous place the stufa was vital to our comfort. The really old buildings like that one have no insulation and the cold permeates everything as you said. This house is newer and not as cold, BUT it is big. The heating bills will be high. So this will augment the heat here. The Ukrainian war is impacting all of Europe now. Cost of gas is high and so is electric, and even pellets doubled in price. Nonetheless we like a cosy stove so it will be nice to have. I’m sure it will help us cut our bills some. We will have a pallet of pellets delivered next year. We have good space in the cantina downstairs to store it. Same for firewood. We have a fireplace upstairs.

  3. Noel

    I’m happy to see your progress, Nancy. It doesn’t hurt that you have the sort of sustenance available to you that is served at C’era una Volta! I have a question about your stufa. Will that augment your home’s central heating system or is it a replacement? I recall as a teen in the 70s living in Napoli and having to use “bombole,” or kerosene heaters because our apartment always seemed cold in the winter. What is the cost of pellets and what’s a typical quantity to buy? Sorry if I’ve missed this in earlier posts. Auguri!

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Lee, this time, no fish. So you are safe! The antipasto was mostly vegetable based. All sorts and very yummy, except for the liver crostada. The pastas both were meat based. I do love seafood and the scary bits don’t bother me 😁

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi John,
    Sure I will try to remember to do that once we get it. It is a pellet stove. We decided they are just less work and cleaner than a wood stove. We can get pallets of pellets delivered (next year) so it will be a good way to reduce our bills. If I don’t remember ping me in a month or so.

  6. Lee Ryan Coston

    An extra “Thank you” for NOT posting pictures of the fish dishes. The heads, eyes, legs antenna and such…ugh! That’s the only thing about Italian food that would send me to McDonalds – LOL!

  7. Allisa Imming

    Good move living next to such a fabulous restaurant! The stufa is really sharp looking.
    We’re on a 10 day count down until we fly over. Yay!

  8. John Best (Giovanni!)

    Lunch looks marvelous. But that heater… wood, pellets, or both? Could you perhaps post a model number after you have taken it through it’s paces and have some additional opinions? Thank You.

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