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A little catching up is in order I think. We have been working once again to get our long term permissions to stay (Permesso di soggiorno UE per soggiornanti di lungo periodo (ex carta di soggiorno)). Much paper to gather. You may remember we tried for it last year. Two of our documents were time sensitive (we didn’t realize) and had expired. So my new hobby is copying all our myriad cards, IDs, passports, tax returns, financial statements, house certifications, and compliance with the language proficiency certification and other requirements to live here. Whew! I think I am almost there. We are still waiting for our police reports, and the Certificato Contestuale. When I’m done killing trees I will take a photo.

The month of February is more than half gone. It is that time of year when the temperatures are all over the place, but more warm than cold now. Today it was mid 60s but cloudy. We are having sunlight until six PM now which is nice. I have been walking so I notice the buds on the trees.

Along the city walls next to the river. We have a brand new fence. The fishers where out this morning in force.

After my walk I stopped to shop in the local Saturday market. I got a big bunch of rapini, called broccoli rabe in english. I will post on Monday the way I love to have it with pasta. Super good and super easy. But meanwhile I’m have a salad tonight among other things, look at this. So pretty! Like a flower. Salad-to-be. It is much like radicchio.

Tomorrow we celebrate a friend’s birthday at Calagrana. I will try to post pictures. Buona domenica everyone!

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  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Matt. I’ve missed your comments. 🙂
    Thank you. Life can be a little boring and it is right now. But we have some new things on the horizon. Stay tuned.

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Evelyne, I don’t even think of salads in winter, but as soon as I can feel spring suddenly, I do!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Scott. Paperwork is a way of life here! We have all our fingers and toes crossed that this will be our permit to stay forever without our annual ritual of renewal. It will greatly simplify our lives. Citizenship will make your lives easier. Only downside is if you’ve got a federal or state pension…think twice about citizenship if you do.

    You guessed my favorite pasta! It is indeed cima di rapacious orecchiette. So good, and so easy. I am going to post my making it and pictures Monday or Tuesday.

  4. Scott Warrender

    Thank you for the update and the photos, Nancy. The very first meal I had in Italy (25 years ago) was Cime di rapa (Broccoli Rabe with Orecchiette.) We are currently working on potential citizenship (grandparents originally from Calabria) so we understand all too well the amount of documents and personal information required! Good luck!

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