Trivial issues and tomato sandwiches

In the grand scheme of things, considering the really dire state of the human race on our earth, my small problems matter not a whit. It is true. And truly, if I never get Saran Wrap again but the Corona Virus is vanquished, I am more than fine with that.

Last night I used the last of my Saran Wrap. I can manage with the Italian plastic wrap, but Saran is much, much better. During normal times I would be traveling home to the US once a year or so. And I always stock up on all the things I like from there (I bring an empty suitcase). Needless to say we won’t be going home anytime soon. And we won’t have any guests from the US anytime soon, so I will make do.
Dead soldier…

Tomato sandwiches were a staple of my childhood lunches. My mother adored in-season tomatoes. She would have called them “home grown”. She would make a sandwich with Wonder bread, mayonnaise and thick slices of tomatoes with salt and pepper. That’s all. And I grew up eating these. Since “home grown” tomatoes are only around a couple of months I tend to eat them everyday here. How? You ask? Watch me work!

First, and don’t you people be shouting about this because it is in all the Supermarkets here, I buy a nice loaf of American Sandwich bread. Just like Wonder Bread 🙂.

Then, I slather on lots of mayonnaise…and not just ANY mayonnaise but the real thing! Hellman’s! Also available here at selected supermarkets.

We don’t have what Americans call Heirloom tomatoes in our markets, but what we have are outstanding!

The Romas on the left are destined for Gazpacho. The basil will be pesto! Mmmm I love summer.

So, using all these fine ingredients 🙂… I make my daily Tomato sandwich. Mmmmmm. Sorry…half eaten 😋

I also got my haircut this morning. First time since lockdown. Whew. Nice to get it cut. I drive around 40 kilometers from Umbertide to Sansepolcro. Nice small city in Tuscany. I love Stefano, my hairdresser.
Stay safe everyone! 🌈

3 thoughts on “Trivial issues and tomato sandwiches

  1. Elaine Ewing

    Hi Nancy! I just found your blog and as a recent American transplant to Rome, it’s very helpful so thank you for sharing.
    I just HAD to comment on these tomato sandwiches! I grew up eating these too and I love them! The Hellman’s is a necessity in my house and I’m so grateful it’s widely available here. I haven’t tried the American sandwich bread (but you’re right; it IS ubiquitous in Italian grocery stores) but it looks like a tasty summer treat! Enjoy!

  2. Dave

    Ah! Summer Tomatoes! NY has great tomatoes this time of year as well, unfortunately the markets aren’t quite the same right now, but still good. Tomato sandwiches and Caprese Salad all summer long. But still better in Italy!

  3. Audrey

    That’s EXACTLY how I used to eat my tomato sandwiches. We’d get these big beefsteak tomatoes from my friends mothers garden and go to town. Also delicious BLTs. I haven’t had a tomato sandwich in forever. I am super jealous!!! We don’t have a farm stand anywhere near me and the ones from the supermarket have no flavor at all. I’m trying my hand at growing Roma tomatoes in containers. But I have a black thumb so I expect them to wilt and die. I def planted them too late and the heat is not kind to them here in Florida.

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